WhateverSam96 Publish time 2016-4-7 22:49:43

Gem Island

Gem Island keeps freezing, so no one in my party can attack. What's worse, if I try to exit out and restart in hopes that it'll work again, it just glitches and says I completed gem island with however many guys I did manage to kill (usually an obnoxiously low number).
My ranking is going down lower and lower and I'm missing out on all of my rewards. Please fix this already! I'm so tried of losing rewards that I should be getting easily just because of a stupid glitch!!!

zosanhead Publish time 2016-4-7 23:14:31

Try another browser :o

haloassasins360@gmail.com Publish time 2016-4-8 03:47:58

Send an email to Support Team
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