poringbuddy1 Publish time 2016-10-21 19:19:59

Peak Bug

There is a problem in Peak Rivalry today. The result was the same as last week. We did not get any first day prize. There were no fights. Not even a fight history in the first day.

Even the people who we voted for last time were the same.

Last Thursday has been weird too because we were supposed to register for peak but we already are registered after maintenance. Some can't even register.

This happened in 155-156

You guys have the same problem in your cluster?

franci_franci2990@yahoo.com Publish time 2016-10-21 23:43:51

:odid the last week peak get intrerupted?we went once through this,servers were down between the first and second so the next week we had peak with the people from the previous week

poringbuddy1 Publish time 2016-10-21 23:55:15

I dont think it was interrupted last week.. but we certainly had a server down because of arena/SB/RB/hegemon/gemisland bugs 3 days earlier

mkras@10g.pl Publish time 2016-10-22 01:36:26

I can'teven sign up for peak rivarly !!! and today can't pick up the winners!!!!
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