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Forum Guide

Dear player,
In order to help you in using our forum, we have collected some threads  to give you a general Forum Guide.
Hope you enjoy OnePiece Online and have fun!

1. Forum Rules
2. Forum Title
3. How to seek for support's help
4. FAQ
5. Strategy
6. PGM list and application

We will keep updating this thread to give you more help.

Joygames OnePiece Online Operating Team
Mar 3, 2015

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Forum Rules http://forums.joygames.me/thread-772-1-1.html

- language to be used in forum is English only
- do not spam
- use the edit button to prevent double post with the same date
- do not use the forum of OP for self advertising
- verbal abuse and offensive language is prohibited in forum
- no buying or selling of accounts to anyone
- if someone violate the rules; need to report it in proper and with supporting documents
- no obscene pictures
- do not post any sensitive information
- do not link any virus site
- do not post on the thread by saying farewell or leaving the game
- addressed your concern on a properly manner

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Forum Title http://forums.joygames.me/thread-1519-1-1.html

TitlePointTitle Color
Chore  BoyBelow 0Blue
Seaman  Recruit0Blue
Seaman  Apprentice50Blue
Seaman  First Class200Blue
Petty  Officer500Blue
Chief  Petty Officer1000Purple
Master  Chief Petty Officer2000Purple
Warrant  Officer3000Purple
Lieutenant  Junior Grade5000Purple
Lieutenant  Commander7000Red
Rear  Admiral12000Golden
Vice  Admiral15000Golden
Fleet  Admiral25000Golden

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How to seek for support's help  http://forums.joygames.me/thread-1335-1-1.html

1. If you need any help, please send it to our support: support@joygames.me

2. Please add your personal information, at least include
a) Your Character's Name
b) Your Server #
c) Your Register E-mail
If you can tell include what time (Server Time) this problem happened, it will be quite helpful.  A screenshot is also very important for any in-game issues.

3. Please explain your problem clearly in English. We will use google translate for other languages so it may not be so accurate.
4. Please add a topic to your mail that states the type of problem: Bug, Top-up, In game Problem or Suggestion? Because our support team have to report your problem to different staff.
5. If you are quite mad at some bug or not satisfied with our support, of course you can be impolite to our support, but remember F-words will never make you strong nor be helpful in solving your problem.
6. Our backend records every in-game operation record. If you really meet some problems, our support team is glad to help you, but if you want to make a joke with our support, the result will always be the same, the answer will always be the same, because the record is there, it is the proof.

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FAQ http://forums.joygames.me/thread-1524-1-1.html

1.Why I don't get a partner from Hawk-Eyes/Blackbeard/Law/Doflamingo/Moria/Kuma/Crocodile gift pack.
The partner gift pack is a random gift pack like lottery, it don't have 100% chance to get a partner from it.
And before you open it, please make sure you have free partner slot, or you can't open it (There will be a message, but it doesn't mean you have got a partner already), and pray for good luck.
My suggestion is reading the description before you send your mail to our support.

2.Why I don't get my leveling upgrade gift pack?
Leveling upgrade giftpack is not for every level, please read the description.
In the following screenshot, a character reaches Lv67, but this character must reach lv70 to receive the gift.

3. I am pretty powerful, but why other guy with less bounty can defeat me in sea battle?
The winning side won't recover HP during Sea Battle, so if you watch the event wholely, you may find some other player beat you because your HP is very low.

4. When the next update/event will carry out?
Sorry, but our support team can't answer this question, because it is not decided by our support team. If there is something new, you can find a piece of news easily on our website.

5. Why I have to start all over again and again? I can't find my character!
It happens when you start a new adventure in a new server, if you forget which server your character is, please send your register e-mail to our support.

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1. Game Introduction and Guides                   http://forums.joygames.me/thread-362-1-1.html
2. Newbie Guide                                             http://forums.joygames.me/thread-780-1-1.html
3. Mount                                                        http://forums.joygames.me/thread-407-1-2.html
4. The Equipment Update Guide                     http://forums.joygames.me/thread-1019-1-2.html
5. Fate                                                            http://forums.joygames.me/thread-624-1-2.html
6. Treasure                                                     http://forums.joygames.me/thread-962-1-2.html
7. Black Market & Advanced Market - Items    http://forums.joygames.me/thread-1416-1-1.html

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PGM List    http://forums.joygames.me/thread-431-1-1.html
PGM Application http://forums.joygames.me/thread-1521-1-1.html
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