chamlolo Publish time 2017-7-4 19:30:07

new update on 13/07/2017

Edited by chamlolo at 2017-7-5 06:47

Nothing is on to 100% for the date and the content:

1. Awakening of certain admirals. (No details about the targeted admirals but I would lean, Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru)

2. Haki system. (Players will be able to choose to learn 3 different Haki)

3. Research cellar. (This will be to have the materials for the Haki but no other info above)

4. Pirate up trial until stage 160. (no idea what to win)

5. Change of rewards in the Classified Tournament.

6. Event for 20 years of One Piece.

credits to nel :loveliness:fr link : :)

dragon1g Publish time 2017-7-4 20:15:00

Finally new pt stages:loveliness: looking forward for this update

chamlolo Publish time 2017-7-4 20:22:48

dragon1g replied at 2017-7-5 07:15 static/image/common/back.gif
Finally new pt stages looking forward for this update

:)yep right i guess materails for light will come in 150 - 160

dragon1g Publish time 2017-7-4 20:28:40

chamlolo replied at 2017-7-5 03:22 static/image/common/back.gif
yep right i guess materails for light will come in 150 - 160

Hope its heaven mats;P

Pikachuroxx Publish time 2017-7-4 20:49:08

1. no comment on awakening as they r already way op :lol
2. haki sounds interesting
3. .maybe in wharf XD
4. awesome 2 more heaven chests and 1 light chest hopefully
5. classified tournament being?
6. hoping for some nice things maybe a few freebies ;). maybe bring back treasure house event?

RinOkumura22 Publish time 2017-7-4 21:30:19

Edited by RinOkumura22 at 2017-7-4 23:12

i don't care i  just want copons

lujosh Publish time 2017-7-4 21:53:17

all hail chamlolo Publish time 2017-7-5 01:37:50

adjustment of ladder rewards and titles:

click on image to see it larger:)

FB957566721037647 Publish time 2017-7-5 01:43:00

Make broken again Admirals :lol

Vendel Publish time 2017-7-5 02:31:38

some sounds interesting but i think we will get some new Things the members want couse they ask us.
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