Anye_354811910 Publish time 2017-8-31 02:57:55

Moderator Recruitment

Hello everyone. {:3_52:}
I need two moderators from both EU server and US server now.
Those interested in applying to be on the One Piece Online team as a moderator please PM your application to me.

In your application please include the following things:

- Tell me something about you(name, location, age, ...).
- Servers you're playing on, character names inclusive and VIP level.
- How long you have been an active member of the forum.
- Why do you want to work as Moderator?
- How much free time do you have to devote to the forum?
- Anything else you feel is important or could give you an edge over other applicants.

And you will get salary every two weeks.

I will do my best to process your application quickly, and will inform you upon receipt.

Thank you for your time and good luck to you.

chorongi Publish time 2017-8-31 05:51:30

sended :D:D

chamlolo Publish time 2017-8-31 08:33:32

:ofinally one piece gonna get mods ^^ Publish time 2017-8-31 13:20:25


Zeno_Zoldyck Publish time 2017-8-31 16:32:04

Is the salary in-game salary?

FTDragonmaster Publish time 2017-8-31 17:09:20

there is almost no work at all in forums and you ask if theyll pay people in cash :lol

Anye_354811910 Publish time 2017-8-31 17:39:37

chorongi replied at 2017-8-31 05:51 static/image/common/back.gif

I knew you will

Anye_354811910 Publish time 2017-8-31 17:40:21

Zeno_Zoldyck replied at 2017-8-31 16:32 static/image/common/back.gif
Is the salary in-game salary?

Yep, maybe some gem or gold partners.

Zeno_Zoldyck Publish time 2017-9-1 03:09:32

FTDragonmaster replied at 2017-8-31 17:09 static/image/common/back.gif
there is almost no work at all in forums and you ask if theyll pay people in cash

I did not expect any payment at all tbh :o

rash14 Publish time 2017-9-1 03:41:42

This sounds so good to be true, by experience and forum time, il probably be a top candidate but il pass {:2_33:}
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