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Hi everyone.
When you top-up during special events which offer crew, title and other items , please check what you are buying!. The same can be said of special spending events.
Like all events in the game, there are certain conditions to be met to get the correct rewards.
Reporting and spamming after the event is done is useless unless you met the aforementioned functions.

This is the general rule regarding all events:
Top-up of 15,000 diamonds is required to get crew frags and titles.

Ex: top-up event rules are already given so you are already warned. The diamond requisite is given at the top of the crew-pack and title if applicable

Will u ever buy something in real life with your money without knowing what you are buying!!!!!? so please dont spam reports.

Furthermore, for what concerns forum/discord events, unless otherwise stated the times are displayed in US server time.

Good day

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