evolution94 Publish time 2017-10-31 21:31:53

New Player Topping-up Gifts

This event expired from Dec 25th~ and we will think about other ways to let new players get explorer set in coming 2018~From Nov 1st, 2017, captains meet requiremens can reply under this thread to apply their new player gifts.PS:The post history will be deleted one month later. So if you didnt receive gifts 3 business days after application,pls PM (top-right corner) forum admin to confirm the situation and reclaim your gifts.

Applying Qualification:
1.Player who have not topped-up since Jun 1st, 2017 (which means from Jun 1st to Nov 1st or later)
2.Character level is less than 70 when applying
3.Player need to reply 6 days after the date they first topped-up (1.except the 2000 diamonds tier as they can get all of gifts 2. they will be only given gifts with their current topping-up tier and no future gifts if they topping-up again in that duration)

1.The accumulative topping-up duration is from the first suceessful tracsaction date to the sixth day after it (23:59 CST).
For example: If player topped-up on Oct 10th CST, then the event will be end on Oct 16th 23:59 CST.
2.Player should apply for gifts if they meet requirements (minimum accumulative topping-up amount+chracter level is less than 70 when applying) after the sixth day. (Except the maximum 2000 diamond tier. Other lower amount application within the accumulative topping-up duration will fail, and if you don't reapply after the sixth day, you won't get your gifts)
For example: If a player's first topping-up is on Oct 10th CST and on the Oct 16th CST, he totally top-up 1200 diamonds, then he is qualified to apply for all gifts except the 2000 diamonds tier (Explorer Gear Set x3).
3.Please follow this format as we need these information to confirm your topping-up amount and send you gift.4.Application history will be cleared in the new month.

UID:Server:In-game character:Topping-up amount:S Crew: (Only if topping up amount ≥1200)
4.About UIDTo check our UID, click your forum name or your avatar image on the top-right screenhttp://forums.joygames.me/data/attachment/forum/201707/13/200405zd6iqmmimdfy6m2d.jpghttp://forums.joygames.me/data/attachment/forum/201707/13/200503zxwuowq40j2c12js.jpg
5.Gifts Tiers

Diamonds Gifts
200 Explorers' Belt
400 Explorers' Dagger+Explorers' Ring
800 Explorers' Cloak+Explorers' Mask+Explorers' Boxing Glove+Explorers' Belt
1200 S crew frags x80 (Except New Year Robin)
2000 Explorer Gear Set x3
Total rewards after topping-up 2000 diamonds: Explorer Gear Set x4 + Explorers' Belt x1 + S crew frags x80

PS: pls dont reply any irrelevant info under this thread, or you will be silenced by admin's “dumb” magic for random days. If we found you cheated in application, you will be banned by admin's dark magic for 999 days.

primo.jmj_14 Publish time 2017-12-1 00:18:43

UID: 3839979
Server: US S179
In-game characher: Nightman
topping-up amount: 600

evolution94 Publish time 2017-12-1 02:23:55

primo.jmj_14 replied at 2017-12-1 00:18 static/image/common/back.gif
UID: 3839979
Server: US S179
In-game characher: Nightman

pls check info you posted we cant find transactions you made. is that uid or other things correct?

shearlock420 Publish time 2017-12-1 07:48:26

Edited by shearlock420 at 2018-2-26 00:57

( (UID: 3807742)server:US -S175  In-game characher: pirates

enca24 Publish time 2017-12-1 22:18:07

Edited by enca24 at 2017-12-3 14:54

UID: 568909
Server:US S179
In-Game character: Mila Carter
topping up amount:2000 + S-Rank Enel please <3

tuananh14112002 Publish time 2017-12-2 00:41:29

UID:  3847242
Server: US 180
character: fireheart1411
Topping-up amount: 1000

bomzkie Publish time 2017-12-2 07:56:17

Edited by zenozoldyck at 2017-11-8 22:40

UID: 3256162
Server: US 175
In-game character: Katakuri
Topping-up amount: 1000
this event start from 1 nov ?
so i just get gift if i'm topup from 1 nov

zector95 Publish time 2017-12-2 10:44:09

Edited by zector95 at 2017-12-3 10:43

UID: 3250047
Server: EU 126
In-game character: Zector
Topping-up amount: 2000S-crew Enel

ke93la@hispeed.ch Publish time 2017-12-2 15:23:53

UID: 542823
Server: EU 128
In-game character: Samantha Miller
Topping-up amount: 2000S-crew shirahoshi

Dontekun Publish time 2017-12-3 00:29:05

UID: Dontekun
Server: US S179
In-game character: Dontekun
Topping-up amount: 600

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