evolution94 Publish time 2017-11-13 02:03:11

Your Voice matters

Event Duration: Nov 13th 8:00- Nov 19 23:59

Greeting Captains,
As We believe that players have better ideas than devs sometimes, so why not ask what they think about the game? In this event, you can reply your feedback, your suggestions and whatever you think that are marvelous or awful in the game~
20 lucky players will be gifted VIP4 experience card~


ramesh.gobi0309 Publish time 2017-11-13 02:27:27

Most of the new updates need coupons
so we need more ways to get get coupons
-get coupons from fishing(add new fishing level which gives materials for exchanging with coupon,like we get belli now)
-add more level investments+increase them to 140 level
-update benefit hall(more level gift packs and more BP gift packs)
-something needs to be done for orange ship parts(400 coupons for each heart of stone),it costs 40k to upgrade all of them to orange
-trial path like before(wer we can go till end 3times)
-after remould of ancient weapon,some new mat which only increases the percentage of the stats(mat costs 1000 coupons for 1% or 2% of all )

hunterakosgr98 Publish time 2017-11-13 02:58:26

i have 4 points:
-make the game more fun and add more events or functions, cuz current event, u can finish all ofthem in less than an hour.
-add more ways to get resources like coupons and trial points.
-make some functions easier, for example: wipeout for team battle, batch wipeout for elite is like wipeout, do it like batch wipeout all A,S... not by choosing characters, same thing to th, wipeout whole island....
-do something about ladder, cuz low lvl players have no chance to get higher ranks.

Darknes92 Publish time 2017-11-13 04:47:27

Edited by Darknes92 at 2017-11-14 03:29

I have a few suggestions and many likes:
- I think that because once you go higher in level, it is harder to level up so you have less "Main Tasks". Currently, I am Level 76 and so it takes me a few days to level up, so every day I log in I just do the Bounty tasks and Daily tasks, it does get repetitive, and can sometimes be a bit boring. So, I think that you should add something that would motivate people to log in everyday.
- I really like the the special events, my favorite was the 20th anniversary one. Not just because it was the 20th anniversary, but also it really motivated me to log in and I was mostly really excited to get the items. Anyways, I think you should do more special events, but not like everyday because that would make it not that special, but once in a while will be nice.
- Pirate Boss. Pirate Boss is really fun, but sometimes the captains or first mates forget to activate it so the whole team misses out on it. I'm not blaming them, I'm not saying anything bad about them. I'm just saying that I think Pirate Boss, shouldn't be so dependent on two people, but more so on everyone, for example the pirate funds have to be at - A reasonable amount of course, I hope - to activate pirate boss. (anyone can once, pirate funds is at least that).
- Treasure hunter... While I do like treasure hunter, because of the items you can get. I have a suggestion or rather an idea, I think that every time you decide to fight a team, your team is back to full strength. But, once you die once during a fight, you die. To "revive" you have to reset it. While it is like Impel down in the full strength aspect, you still only get one life- Maybe, you could add the function wipe out to Elite Battle.
- This is more like an idea really, you can tell your crew who to attack, but only if in their skill or anywhere else it is not specified who they attack. For some characters, I think I've seen attack first player... But, for the crew who don't have that specified, you can click on the character you wish for them to center their attack on and the once blue thing at the bottom (what they are stepping on) turn red - or any color.
- The ladder tournament, I think you should be put together players who are closer in BP, but I understand that it probably isn't possible. But, its just harder for low level players to get higher ranks.

Anyways, thanks for reading my suggestions.
I don't think any thing should be taken out of the game, just modified. I actually really enjoy playing this game, so I'm really excited.

lionheart1007 Publish time 2017-11-13 04:50:32

This was the best game for me :) . Hope you make adjustment on wipe out on elite battle and other ways to get coupons

TheHobgoblyn Publish time 2017-11-13 05:39:57

Edited by TheHobgoblyn at 2017-11-13 10:30

I am new to the game, but-- what I find most difficult at the beginning is the story mode stages being gated by level. Every completed stage, I am getting slammed by this "your main character must be one level higher".
It would be one thing if I was being stopped because they were too difficult, but because the game hasn't given me enough experience points to advance to the next level? It seems a bit silly.

And the thing is, all the other side events and trials and contests in the game... they all award power or items that can be used to increase the power of the character (there are way too many different kinds of items and methods to increase the character power as well, and I am not even sure how much effect any of it has, it is far more confusing than it should be.) However, none of them award experience points. The only thing that does seem to award any experience is the daily trials.

The result of this is that each time I get to the point, can do the next storyline level... and naturally it is a complete cake-walk. It just doesn't remotely feel challenging after everything else I have done. So after only 1-2 battles it stops me dead and tells me to go get another level somehow.

It just feels like that one should be able to play through the story as far as their current power will allow them, and at that point know that there are these dozen other events, missions, trials and modes one can go do each day in order to gain the power necessary to push through the difficult battle.

Also, it might be nice if there were more sprites for the main character? I am guessing that is next to impossible-- but it feels weird seeing all PCs on the whole server represented by the same 4 characters. I would think ideally there should at least be a male and female version of each class.

I can tell from this engine that there is no way to do proper player customization-- even swapping colors on the sprite to a pallete the players might prefer is probably impossible. But adding a female version of the male classes and male versions of the female classes ought to roughly require the same amount of work as adding 4 new characters to the game... only these would be 4 characters that the players are going to be seeing a whole lot more often than any other characters that could be added.

And maybe in the future think about making low level and high level versions of each character leaving the current sprites as the mid-level forms. That way players could see their characters transform over time and the real powerhouses on the server would stand out visually instead of merely because of their high numbers.

TheRiceRenegade Publish time 2017-11-13 06:13:39

The Only thing I have noticed is that in the beginning of battles there is is only a limited number amount of Ultimates when starting a battle why though?

FriskDreemurr Publish time 2017-11-13 08:08:06

Most of the event need diamonds. The fact is that not everyone have thousands of dollars to spend in a video game. So I think that more new event can not required diamonds or coupons. Or maybe you ca find a way to get us more diamonds and coupons easily without spending money ;) . I also hope for some new character like Bartolomeo, Rebbeca, Teach, etc.

TzubasaOzora Publish time 2017-11-13 08:39:24

Edited by TzubasaOzora at 2017-11-13 09:16

Alright so lets get started:

1. Ladder/Cross Server War:
First off Ladder has to be changed, because you have no chance against all these "old servers/ high level character"

So i thought it should be a nice idea to make for each lvl or battlepower its own “League”

For Level: lvl 70 - 99, lvl 100 - 119, lvl 120 – 129, lvl130-135, lvl 136-140

For Battlepower: 400k-699k, 700k – 999k, 1m – 1.499m, 1.5m – 1.999m, 2m+

2. Pirates Ladder/Cross Server Pirates War: A cross server war, just like ladder (only for pirates/guilds). But just like I mentioned before, you have a “League” system.

League system could either depends on pirates lvl or total battlepower

So for example 2000k bp – 7999k bp, 8000k bp – 13.999k bp, 14.000k bp – 19.999k bp, 20k bp +

3. Logo for Pirates: It would be cool if we could choose a Logo for our Pirates/Guild that will be shown next to the Pirates name under the Character name.

4. Team Battle: This is really the worst event ever. No offense, but gaining those 4.2m xp is just super annoying you have to spam tb for ages to get there.
So my solution for this problem is basically getting more xp for each battle (x5).

5. Main character male and female option for each class

6. Dismantle Option for Gear:
There is already a dismantle option for Tokens and ships. There are a lot of players that have the explorer set, sea soul set and some players even got infernal set in their bags but cant use it anymore, because their 5 characters have already the best gear. So I thought this would be a good idea. (get ancient coins for dismantle)

For Example: 25 ancient coins for 1 Explorer gear, 100 ancient coins for 1 Sea soul gear, 200 ancient coins for 1 infernal gear

7. Also you should get lvl up rewards till 140, and battlepower rewards till 1m maybe in my opinion.

8. Summit War and Death Match: We need better rewards for these events. A lot of ppl are not even doing any of these events, because they say its not worth it.

9. New Server changes:
In order to keep more players and get more competition on the new servers,
-        change the pirates(guilds), so only 8 members can join pirates(guild) for the first week, 16 for the second week and so on, until it reaches the pirates lvl member limit. That way you get more competition between the pirates(guilds).
-        Add more New Server Events (for example add a Lucky New Server Wheel Event where you can get some rewards)

10. Create more Events, where you have to be active. So far you can pretty much run everything on auto.

11. We need better translations/explanations, because for new Players it is really hard to understand all these functions.

vrvnakapa Publish time 2017-11-13 09:27:31

so with last update everything is for vip 1   so we non-vips we dont need a vip2 card anymore
so put a vip1 card ho is cheaper
and put that we non vips can get atleast 30 to 40 diamonds every day becuse every event so far was with diamonds
and last  i know almost every one is 140lvl and if you put more story battels they will do it for 20 min but the ones ho are a not even 100lvl
they need this so they lvlup easy

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