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Bug Report and Suggestion Rules

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Welcome in Bug report & Suggestion Please Follow the Rules for better understanding and Overview
i will help u as much as i can but dont forget even if I'm Moderator I'm still a player like you ;oD

- Verbal abuse and offensive language is prohibited in this section.
- If someone violate the rules pls report it, do not argue with anyone.
- pls use the sub forums (In-game Bugs, Payment Bugs, Suggestion).
- Language to be used in this section is only English.
- All concern about not fixed problem you can addres with proper manner.
- After thread is answered and explained it will be closed.
- All unpolite threads will be deleted.

- donĀ“t PM the Mod he cant awnser you this way

- if the issue can't be solved contact the support for further help

- How to Contact the Support

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