Anye_354811910 Publish time 2018-6-20 02:17:14

New Servers Topping-up gifts


1. Topping a Total of 1000 Diamonds 2. Within 7 days of Server Launch inclusively

** Rewards will not be sent if applying late, pls follow the 7 days rule **

Check the server launch time at
(New Server Schedule at the bottom right)


1. Adventurer Set Giftpack x3
(Name will be changed to Explorer Set Giftpack in coming update)


2. S crew Giftpack

*** Gift Code will be sent to your forum PM, please use that code in Benefit Hall to redeem gifts. ***

Application Form
UID:Server:Character Name:Total Top-up:Reward wanted:

To get our UID, click your forum name or your avatar image on the top-right screen

ingel331 Publish time 2018-6-21 14:49:49

UID: 1517354
Server:us 200
Character Name:Shunko
Total Top-up:1100
Reward wanted:Adventurer Set Giftpack x3

boyan_zhekov Publish time 2018-6-23 22:57:44

UID: 4134323
Server: EU S148
Character name: Experiamus
Total Top-up: 2000
Reward Wanted: S crew Giftpack

chemaxtor Publish time 2018-6-25 11:47:12

UID: 2951976
Server: EU S150
Character name: Tyr
Total Top-up: 1000
Reward Wanted: S crew Giftpack

NGHNate Publish time 2018-6-26 08:11:50


Server:US S201

Character Name: XXX

Total Top-up: 8200

Reward wanted:S crew giftpack

vw53ehebkf7 Publish time 2018-6-26 10:22:06

jlophhkvbjloc,ki Publish time 2018-6-26 16:17:13

Edited by at 2018-6-29 10:15

UID: 1716071
Server: EU S150
Character name: GoodEarly
Total Top-up 2800
Reward Wanted: S Crew gift pack, please, sorry that i keep editing it.

matt99998 Publish time 2018-6-27 02:48:28

Server:EU S147
Character name: jnj
Total Top up: 1200
Reward wanted: S crew giftpack

matt99998 Publish time 2018-6-27 02:52:01

UID: 4093881
Server: EU S147
Character name: jnj
Total top up: 1200
Reward wanted: S crew giftpack Publish time 2018-6-28 16:43:57

Hm how long till get reward for this one?
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