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July Event Begins!

The July event begins!
Top up to receive coupons and bonus gifts!

Here are the exact rules of this event!

Each top up can be done as many times as you want

but must be unique and non-cumulative top up.

2000 Diamond  =  2000 Coupons + 5 Colorful Stone + + 5 Adv Breakthrough Stone + 5 Devil Fruit
4000 Diamond  =  4000 Coupons + 10 Colorful Stone + 10 Adv Breakthrough Stone + 10 Devil Fruit

8000 Diamond  =  8000 Coupons + 20 Colorful Stone + 20 Adv Breakthrough Stone + 20 Devil Fruit

12000 Diamond  =  15000 Coupons + 30 Colorful Stone + 30 Adv Breakthrough Stone + 30 Devil Fruit

20000 Diamond  =  30000 Coupons + 50 Colorful Stone + 50 Adv Breakthrough Stone + 50 Devil Fruit

40000 Diamond  =  60000 Coupons + 100 Colorful Stone + 100 Adv Breakthrough Stone + 100 Devil Fruit

Example: if you top up 2000 in the morning, 2000 in the afternoon and 2000 in the evening,  you will get 6000 Coupons, 15 Colorful Stones, 15 Adv Breakthrough Stones and 5 Devil Fruits.

On the other hand if you top up 800 in the morning and 1200 in the afternoon, you have no bonus coupons and items, because it must be a single top up.
For any additional information do not hesitate to ask on the post or via Discord at this address:


2018/07/23 00:00 TO 2018/07/28 23:59 (included)

The rewards will be sent the day after the top up.

tatsuu30 Publish time 2018-7-23 10:28:16

Hi I've topped up 8k dias today but it was impossible for me to topup it up in a single transaction due to some errors in the option I'm comfortable with
I hope you can consider this. You can see in my transaction history that it was indeed topped up every minute.
Would like to join again tomorrow
if you can allow this
hoping for your kind consideration Publish time 2018-7-23 18:23:12

Ok so i'm pretty sure i topped up 2k in  time for the event but i never got my rewards? I thought you'd get it the next day but it's the next day now...
Does this not work for EU servers or do i have to reply to this post so you can acknowledge my top up?

Joygames Publish time 2018-7-23 23:18:50 replied at 2018-7-23 18:23 static/image/common/back.gif
Ok so i'm pretty sure i topped up 2k in  time for the event but i never got my rewards? I thought yo ...

Send your UID, character name and server there Publish time 2018-7-24 01:47:27

Edited by at 2018-7-25 04:08

Joygames replied at 2018-7-23 23:18 static/image/common/back.gif
Send your UID, character name and server there
UID: 1716071
Character name: GoodEarly
Server: EU S150
Top-up 2k

ahmals Publish time 2018-7-25 03:43:34

UID: 1356509
Character name: lotol
Server: US S18
i top-up: 4000

majko53 Publish time 2018-7-25 10:48:51

Can I recieve rewards if i topped up on 20.7. and just red this now?

UID: 4114738
Character Name: Purplenbrown
Server: EU149
Top-up: 2K

ahmals Publish time 2018-7-26 06:53:52

ahmals replied at 2018-7-25 03:43 static/image/common/back.gif
UID: 1356509
Character name: lotol
Server: US S18

still did not receive my rewards its already passed 24h :curse:

penders_5 Publish time 2018-7-26 07:12:23

Edited by penders_5 at 2018-7-26 11:10

UID: 4077725
Character Name: MisterTommey
Server: EU145
Top-up 1: 8000 on 24-07-2018Top-up 2: 8000 on 26-07-2018
Top-up 3: 2000 on 26-07-2018

chris8888 Publish time 2018-7-26 13:16:07

Server:US 193
Character-name:Koyama Itachi
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