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Complete Guide List

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Here is the complete list to all the current guides. Please let me know if I missed any guides, or if any of the links are not working/wrong.
Please click HERE for a list of updated guidesSome of the guides below might be out of date, however, the wiki provides updated versions of all the current guides.
Guides for Every Class
New Player's Guide to OP2
Guide for Server Connection IssuesLevel RequirementsFirst Time Top-Up GuideBeginner TipsAttributes Guide Effects GuideEXP Source for New PlayersTransformation Guide Polish/Imprint GuideToken GuideShip Upgrading Priority Guide10 Star Ship Guide Ship Guide Ship Part Polish Guide Ship Breakthrough Guide Ship Breakthrough & Awakening Guide Dial Guide AGI Dial Guide Gear Guide Token polish guide Haki Guide Impel Down Guide for F2P Impel Down/PT Guide Ancient Weapon Uranus Guide Ancient Weapon Evolution Guide Ancient Weapon Cost Guide Crew Rank Guide Endless Trial Guide Skypiea lv Guide Team Battle lvs Elite Battle lvs Breakthrough Material Guide up to lv 100Partner Breakthrough Guide lv 110+ Caribou Guide Superpower GuideMain's Superpower Guide Ladder Tournament Point GuideCP9/EXP Info GuideMain Promotion GuideTactic GuideEquipment GuideEnchantment Guide
Gem Guide
Where to Find StatsMain's Train GuideDevil Fruit GuideUseful Formations for Grand-line Warefare
Guides For Sailor
Sailor Crew Guide Sailor UC Guide Sailor UC Hell Mode Guide + Videos Sailor PT Formation lv127-140 Grand Conquest Boa Hancock Grand Conquest Sengoku Grand Conquest Doflamingo Sailor PT 80 Video Sailor PT 85 Video Sailor PT 90 Video Sailor PT 95 Video Sailor Impel Down lv4 Stage 30 Sailor Impel Down lv5 Stage 7 Sailor Impel Down lv5 Stage 8       Sailor Impel Down lv5 Stage 9
Guides for Snipers
Sniper Crew Guide Sniper PVE Skill Guide Inferno Tower Guide for Sniper Sniper UC Guide PT Sniper Video Guide lv94-140 PT Sniper Video Guide lv141-154 Inferno Tower lv60-70 Guide
Guides for Dark Mages
Dark Mage Crew Formations Dark Mage UC Guide + VideosDark Mage PT 103+ VideosDark Mage PT 139+ Videos

Guides for Doctors
Doctor GuideDoctor UC Guide + Videos

MajinAssassin99 Publish time 2019-1-28 11:40:18

really useful guide thanks a lot

God_Zoro Publish time 2019-1-30 01:24:27

thanks for this guide!!!!

MajinAssassin99 Publish time 2019-2-9 00:17:10

Aint there any GC guide ?

clampified Publish time 2019-2-9 02:55:13

MajinAssassin99 replied at 2019-2-9 00:17 static/image/common/back.gif
Aint there any GC guide ?

There's a few under sailor section, and I believe some of them discuss snipers. But GC doesn't really need a guide? You can just use your normal pvp formation.

TrippinDMT Publish time 2019-7-4 18:54:54

My PVE team consists of 3* SS Robin , 4* Enel, 4* Caribou and 5* Ace. I have frags . for either sengoku or garp. Who should I pick ? and who should I replace them with?   Also should I save for 4* SS robin or focus on getting jimbei? Last question, sorry lol. Is Ivankov a better shirahoshi or are they i separate categories all together?

clampified Publish time 2019-7-4 19:30:05

TrippinDMT replied at 2019-7-4 18:54 static/image/common/back.gif
My PVE team consists of 3* SS Robin , 4* Enel, 4* Caribou and 5* Ace. I have frags . for either sen ...

So depends entirely on what PvE feature you want to do and the lv and what your main is. But - you'll want sengoku over garp. I'd probably do ss robin before jinbe, unless you plan to get shanks. Because she provides massive amounts of buffs which will help you deal more dmg in glw and earn more beli + exp.

And Ivankov isn't necessarily a better shira - they have different functions. They're both doctors, but shira provides immunity and massive healing with her ogi. She also cleanses debuffs. Ivankov, however, can deal dmg, heal a small about over time, and buffs your atk/sp/def/res/dodge. Both can work well together depending on your main, team, and the partners you possess because Ivan also buffs the healing abilities for all partners.

onelifeliveit2 Publish time 2019-7-5 06:11:54

Do you guys have any guide for King of Pirate 2 ?  
Now I am promoted to level 100. I cannot damage the enemy team in Pirate 2. Only main sailor do the damage.
My crews are Kaku, Ace , Jinbe and Perona.

clampified Publish time 2019-7-5 12:17:18

onelifeliveit2 replied at 2019-7-5 06:11 static/image/common/back.gif
Do you guys have any guide for King of Pirate 2 ?  
Now I am promoted to level 100. I cannot damage  ...

We don't have guides for KoP2 because it's mostly about having enough stats. There's very little strategy involved in it honestly. One thing to note is to always look at the notes
Depending on the KoP2 some of the enemies might be immune to pure atk or pure sp. Some might be immune to ogi or normal attack - etc. It's also an endgame feature meant to be difficult. Most people can't even beat the hardest difficulty in KoP2.

Magani1996 Publish time 2019-9-5 08:55:02

clamp I'd like to recommend adding this post to your guide list since it is a topic I feel most would be interested in:
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