Skatovski Publish time 2018-8-21 19:04:10

Loading bug or error

EU s53 is not loading at all :(

Zeno_Zoldyck Publish time 2018-8-21 19:25:55

I have just reported it to the admin

Skatovski Publish time 2018-8-21 20:18:42

thank you a lot :)

AmirArsalan Publish time 2018-8-21 23:49:16

EU servers are done
PPl of US server please let us know if the US servers is also done!

AmirArsalan Publish time 2018-8-22 00:31:20

They are taking care of it. Plz be patient :)

Tujuru Publish time 2018-8-22 00:32:30

EU server 186 black window… no work

khanhpro1 Publish time 2018-8-22 00:54:02

EU server 216 black window

Tujuru Publish time 2018-8-22 01:55:11

EU server 186... now not find the page

Tujuru Publish time 2018-8-22 02:59:49

it still doesn't work… I hope that at least compensate oun all this time... more than 7 hours offline:'(:'(

gromit10 Publish time 2018-8-22 03:45:34

Good time to search for the forum events :P
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