mprova950 Publish time 2019-3-15 01:51:00

Expertise gift pack not work


I don't know if it only pass to me, but i cant open the "Expertise gift pack".
I refresh the browser 2 times, but it still not working. Is only for me or anybody have the same problem?

Tujuru Publish time 2019-3-15 01:56:53

Edited by Tujuru at 2019-3-15 09:00

I can't open any package, not only the expertise...big bug in the gameā€¦

Now i can't registre for the Sea battle or Shadow attack...and also not write in the chat

gromit10 Publish time 2019-3-15 02:20:42

seems we can't open any pack in game, it's the same for me.

I sent a mail to the support, let's wait now ^^

Tujuru Publish time 2019-3-15 02:26:08

ok, i hope it is resolved soon :Q

heavyork Publish time 2019-3-15 03:24:05

Same for me. Can't open anything, can't sea battle, royal battle or john treasure. Colosseum, black market, archaeology and gym are broken as well. Deleting things from you bag doesn't work and stuff in the mail doesn't show up. I haven't tested all features but this game is unplayable now.

mprova950 Publish time 2019-3-15 03:32:08

heavyork replied at 2019-3-15 03:24 static/image/common/back.gif
Same for me. Can't open anything, can't sea battle, royal battle or john treasure. Colosseum, black  ...

Refresh the browser an try registre for the sea battle and shadow attack without open any package. I think that the bugs starts when you try open anything

bakaevmisha014 Publish time 2019-3-15 03:41:14

Same for me. Can't open anything

relaxspy Publish time 2019-3-15 03:49:11

same here, i cant click anything sucessfully

algaradi Publish time 2019-3-15 03:50:01

Edited by algaradi at 2019-3-15 03:52

i think the problem in the BACKPACK

just avoid  clicking anything there

gromit10 Publish time 2019-3-15 04:30:44

Edited by gromit10 at 2019-3-15 04:34

Yeah the problem is the backpack but we can register and do the different battles.

Can't talk to Garp or anyone else for bounty tasks too :(
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