ildiga93 Publish time 2019-3-16 04:59:02

Are you gonna di something for the bugs?!

i can't open, synthetize nor dismantle items, can't reach Law nor Garp for bounty quests and neither do the wipe out... it's almost 24h of problems and you did absolutely nothing about it :curse: :@ Publish time 2019-3-16 06:11:23

Yeah, it sucks :@

AmirArsalan Publish time 2019-3-16 06:12:40

Hi everyone,
Sorry I was super busy. I just check the forum.
I sent an email to admin.
I guess it will be solved on monday.  

deepnick Publish time 2019-3-16 06:28:42

Yesterday at least it was better. Today became worst. Cant do absolutely nothing Publish time 2019-3-16 06:38:39

Our backpack is gonna explode! {:2_38:}

FunPlayer Publish time 2019-3-16 06:48:58

i hope they will do some compensation....2days ago i bought vivre cards and weapon upgrde material in nami tresure,it took my coupons but it didn't give me nothing :'(:'(:@:@:@

Shingai Publish time 2019-3-16 14:46:38

come on when will it be fixed

gromit10 Publish time 2019-3-16 15:54:53

seems support team is on holidays :(

Happily there's no good event this week end ...

FunPlayer Publish time 2019-3-17 03:31:46

i hope they will do something tomorrow.....and get back coupons spents in nami tresure..... Publish time 2019-3-17 04:40:36

OMG :Q     
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