Magani1996 Publish time 2019-7-16 18:39:07

Game Refusing to Connect

On server US 193 and encountering the following ever since the site went back up. I've tried just about everything (Clearing cache, restarting my computer, trying another browser). Here is the screen I am getting on chrome:

DIABLO79 Publish time 2019-7-16 18:48:55

us s232 suffering same problem

clampified Publish time 2019-7-16 19:10:34

It's not a bug - it's still down. If you read the maintenance post it says the game will be down for 24 hours. I also posted about this earlier in forums.

clampified Publish time 2019-7-16 19:10:54

DIABLO79 replied at 2019-7-16 18:48 static/image/common/back.gif
us s232 suffering same problem

What I said above.
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