s73f4n10 Publish time 2019-7-20 04:39:39

shanks SSS and dracule mihawk 4stars in firste day ?

Edited by s73f4n10 at 2019-7-20 04:41

I'm posting here because I do not know how he did it to have shanks SSS and dracule mihawk.
he did it in a day and he does not even appear in the top of the top-up
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ptip2h8lam3ck Publish time 2019-7-20 05:12:34

Well, your server started on thursday and the current event set started on friday. So he might have topped up prior to that, thus not showing up in the current topup rankings.

s73f4n10 Publish time 2019-7-20 05:21:04

but how is possible to have shanks ?

ptip2h8lam3ck Publish time 2019-7-20 05:43:02

From various events? I do not recall which there were last week, but several events have sss fragments as topup reward.

clampified Publish time 2019-7-20 11:45:11

We had a topup event where you could get SSS frags last week - you needed to topup 20k or 40k I believe.
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