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suggestions read and give feed back

ok i think we need a bank on here like were we can save up but were we can get more back (so say like i put 1000 coupon in the back and i leave if for 30 days i get back like 1200 back or it can be diamonds so i put 100 diamonds in the bank and leave it for 30 days i get the 100 back and a 200 coupons bonus and the more your vip the more u get back ) ( and if u put the coupons/diamonds in the bank u cant take them out till the set date given ) (and put a 24/7 casino on here ( that takes all game currency IE beli coupons diamonds) to so we can pass time and hopefully win some stuff (IE) (frags of all kinds ) ( beli )  ( dials ) ( MAKE SOME BIG JACK POTS( MAKE Special casino events )and so on (DO LIKE A ONE PIECE BINGO (WITH A JACK POT OR MAKE IT AN EVENT FOR ALL SERVERS TO JOIN ) (THESE R JUST SOME OF THE IDEAS I HAVE I GOT A LOT MORE :)

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1) That is not a bank, it is a Certificate of Deposit or CD. It would also be arbitrarily easy to abuse. People who top up a fair amount often convert the majority of their coupons to diamonds, as there are far more things to spend coupons on than diamonds on. As such, this would literally just be a coupon farm for people who top up. I just converted 10k diamonds to coupons a couple weeks ago. Giving me the option to convert them without losing the diamonds would simply break the game. To give you an idea of how badly it would break the game, you're suggesting a diamond:coupon rate of 1:2 (scaled up with higher VIP, to boot). Currently, the best ways to convert diamonds to coupons are
~1:5 Level invest, time invest (both hard limited to once only), new server invest (appears to have been removed? regardless, only available for a week after a merge)
1:3 monthly pass (once per month at 500 diamonds -> 2500 coupons)
1:2.5 Hancock slot machine (which requires a top-up to activate and is limited to IIRC ~6k diamonds per day)
1:1 simply spending diamonds instead of coupons

Note that all of these options consume the diamonds when you use them. You are suggesting something where you get the diamonds back with nearly the same rate as the Hancock slot machine, doesn't require a topup to activate, and is not limited by number of uses or time gating. Frankly, even at a 1:1.35 return, you'd be better off using your proposed system than level invest, which is widely considered one of the best values in the entire game (your system at a 100:135 rate would take less than a year to match level invest's return, but again, your way wouldn't consume your diamonds).

2) A casino would be a terrible mechanic. Either it would have a positive payout, in which case people would just use it to farm rewards or get items cheaper, or it would have a negative payout and serve as a trap for people who don't understand statistics. Frankly the game already has too many traps, and the admins have to deal with people complaining when they later learn that they fell into one.

If you're looking for random rewards in return for paying an entry fee, the monthly events already feature dig and roulette mechanics which do that, typically at a cost of diamonds or coupons. Adding beli as an option would either be too cheap (payout > dials), or too expensive (payout < dials). In the first case, everyone would sink their beli into it, bypassing the dials system and completely unbalancing the in-game economy. In the second, the only people who would use it would be the very, very few people at the very top of the game who have already maxed their dials. Most players below VIP 9 or so haven't maxed their dials even after 3 years of playing -- for that matter, most players above VIP 9 haven't maxed their dials either.

3) The bingo suggestion could be viable as a part of a Discord event. Adding it in-game would either be free rewards (if there is no entry fee), or essentially the same as the casino suggestion above (if there is an entry fee).

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1) That is not a bank, it is a Certificate of Deposit or CD. It would also be arbitrarily easy to ab ...

yer i get u with the bank but if u limited the amount of time u can use it maybe i dont no seemed like a good thing at the time lol

and the casino i think was a good thing just to pass the time put the pay outs as random i dont no lol may be just add a black jack card table so its player vs player the no trap lol

and yer the wood of been a fee like to buy the tickets to play bingo lol

thank you for your feed back  :)

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i mean... at that point, why not just go play on one of the literally thousands of online casinos? you can even choose between free and paid ones.

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namination replied at 2019-8-12 17:58 static/image/common/back.gif
i mean... at that point, why not just go play on one of the literally thousands of online casinos? y ...

dont no just seemedlike a good thing at the time of thinking it lol
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