(MonkeyDLuffy) Publish time 2019-10-28 07:24:44

a bug


i am a player on server EU 134 , and EU 208.
last week i suppose, there was an error and everybody got a compansation. i heard from some guys that they got 9000 coupons and 3 or 4 chests of 5 SSS Fragments.
i know u took back those extra coupons back but some guys had already used them up, and i don't know what happend to those extra chests. i only got 3000 coupons and 1 chest of 5 SSS fragments.

i am asking for compansation, because it's just not fair that they get such good stuff.

(I hope u understand me :)

clampified Publish time 2019-10-28 15:06:55

They're not going to send you compensation for this.
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