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Halloween Discord Event

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you have a spooky day!
Join the following events on discord to get points to redeem rewards.
Part 1 - Throne DuelPlease note - this is the exact same wording and discord throne event from last month. So you guys should know the drill by now.
Participate in Throne Duel.
-Provide screenshots of ALL your Throne Duel fights on ONE of the two available days (Saturday and Wednesday). That means you cannot provide 7 screens for Saturday and 8 for Wednesday.
-In addition, provide the whole fight history screen. This might require multiple screens to capture it all.
-Screened fights MUST match the matches in the match history.
-The screens must be of the whole window AND have a time stamp (like the system clock)
This means that we could be looking at nigh to 20 screens in order to complete the event (15 fights+ however are required to capture the fighting history screen)
Note that only proper fights will be considered. One man shows et simila will be discarded.
Please note: Because there was some confusion last time.
You need five partners in each screenshot - so a FULL formation.
You must provides screenshots of every battle, and a screenshot of your match history.
You must also provide screenshots with a timestamp.
Part 2 - Spooky Story
Write your own spooky story involving one or more One Piece characters. You will be judged on how spooky it is, so make it scary!
You may not use someone else’s story, however, you may borrow common themes.
Part 3 - One Piece Costume Contest
Find an imagine on google (or anywhere else you want) of someone dressed up as a One Piece Character.
Part 4 - Pumpkin CarvingCarve a pumpkin with one or more One Piece characters in it, or you can just sketch pumpkin and the carving design out on a piece of paper. So to reiterate you don’t have to use a real pumpkin you can sketch out a pumpkin and the pumpkin design on a piece of paper. You may not sketch, steal, copy, use another person’s work for this submission.

Dates on Oct 31- Nov 6th at 11:59pm server time.

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More event for this coming Valentines Day ???

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game is awsome
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