queensai Publish time 2020-1-10 11:06:47

always loading but cannot enter the game..

need help my account cant enter the game properly once i input the user and password it's just loading..i'll try many times to enter it but it's still the same, i already clear my browser history and try it to open it,  to other browsers but it's still the same..admin please help to resolved this problem the server already refresh some quest and event i dont want to miss it..=( my server is on S257 user: queensai..please help..and i'm using also the latest adobe flash player. i dont want to play in any server because i already reach 490k+ bp..i hope this problem wont waste my time and effort to reach high bp and level..=(

clampified Publish time 2020-1-10 21:20:33

You'll need to provide a screenshot and have you tried removing https from your url like in this guide http://forums.joygames.me/thread-22039-1-1.html
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