forever8 Publish time 2015-5-26 17:50:02

Shock wave flash has crashed

Please help, everytime I tried to log in to the game (tried multiple times today) I always get a pop up message "Shock wave flash has crashed - Reload" I'm in server EU 20. At first I thought it's problem with the flash player so I updated adobe flash to the newest version, it didn't work, still get pop - up. Then I tried to run only one flash plug-in through disabling the others via setting in Chrome, it didn't work either. Then I cleared all the browsing data including cache and cookies and none of it works. I'm running out of ideas on fixing this. Is this a server bug? Because I didn't have this yesterday.

Turael Publish time 2015-5-26 18:28:52

you could try out a other browser
restart the pc
clear / del all data in temp folder for this click windows start use the search engine and type there %Temp% Publish time 2015-5-26 21:50:02

If you're using Google Chrome, I'd try clearing the cache.

If you google "How do I clear my Flash Player cache and settings?"  The first result should be adobe's official guide on clearing the flash player installed on your system also.

Change Adobe Flash Settings Inside Browser

Dusty82 Publish time 2019-2-13 15:29:52

what beanymen said worked for me in another post, just wait and refresh

quote/ you left the game while you had wipeout running?
you can play again when wipeout is finished
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