unstoppabledane Publish time 2015-7-27 11:00:39

can't log in shockwave crash

it crashes but only when i log in to the server ive come the furthest, it doesn't crash when i open another or make a new on new server. please help triede reinstalling adobe and all that.

Turael Publish time 2015-7-27 11:43:20

[*]clear browser cache and cookies
[*]try a other browser
[*]clear the temp folder for windows

[*]click at start
[*]use the search enginge
[*]type there the command %Temp%
[*]after the Temp Window opened mark all files with the key combo strg or ctrl + a
[*]delete the files u probably get a msg that u could not delete all files thats normal

[*]update u Java or and Flashplayer
[*]if u browser use integrated Flash update u browser
[*]google browsername + flashcrash

Dusty82 Publish time 2019-2-13 15:01:14

what beanymen said worked for me in another post, just wait and refresh

quote/ you left the game while you had wipeout running?
you can play again when wipeout is finished
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