cktan83 Publish time 2020-9-21 04:09:59

Illusion coins

Rebalance amount of coins needed for dragon set or add more ways to get coins (wharf, ladder, match battle, smash, may be even treasure hunter, etc, etc).
Now if you are always the 1-st place in the brook event and you dont miss it, you have to spend 45 weeks (11.25 monthes, so almost 1 year) just for 1 gear. I doubt that people which dont spend money will get even 1 full set, not talking about 5 sets.

clampified Publish time 2020-9-21 15:54:59

This was suggested and explained to them before new gear was even officially released. I pointed out that it'd essentially take 6 years for one complete set or 30 years for all sets for the first place in each server. Their answer was to put illusion coins in the top-up section.
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