varacolaci007 Publish time 2020-10-29 17:20:55

7 day top up

Edited by varacolaci007 at 2020-10-29 17:31

i have top up 7 days but i havent received the coupon bonus

Raznarok Publish time 2020-10-30 00:03:26

Edited by Raznarok at 2020-10-30 00:12

i got the same problem.

I Top up 7 days straight (around 4000 coupons reward) and yesterday i cant push anything in the event screen and today i didnt received anything.

so whats wrong that i cant get nothing? Pls help.

UID: 373683
Username: Saphira
Server Name: EU S230

Oliver1110 Publish time 2020-10-30 01:46:24

I have the same problem. If I remember correctly it was automatically send the next day.

ptip2h8lam3ck Publish time 2020-10-30 01:58:31

I have reported Raznarok's issue, I am unable to report the others' due to lack of information.

Oliver1110 Publish time 2020-10-30 02:16:18

Ok I havent posted my details, caused it seems to be a general problem.

UID: 1621810
Server: EU27
Username: Hatcha

varacolaci007 Publish time 2020-10-30 07:06:06

UID: 1838660
server: EU61
Username: varacolaci07

jjjaa20 Publish time 2020-10-31 04:52:34

UID: 1638692
IGN: Claire Kelly
Server: EU S192

Raznarok Publish time 2020-11-2 00:16:21

till now i didnt get anything....
Maby a Mod can report again or something?
Now its rly emberrassing for that game that nothing happend.

clampified Publish time 2020-11-2 09:56:32

Admin doesn't work weekends, so no you wouldn't have heard anything yet.
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