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Hello my good forum friends!  I really like this game, so here's some ideas I had!! :lol

I have some questions too...

This was wrote through many time periods, so don't strange if some things don't bridge on to others properly..

Why do some characters like, Kaku, and Vergo not have Rank advance..?
I am actually curious about this, because I can see it as a measurement to limit characters, that would be too strong if leveled up to high Ranks, but I really want to know..

Why is Katakuri not in the game yet.???
I am aware that Katakuri is not in the game already, because smoothie didn't show enough arsenal to insert the three Sweet Comanders at once, and I see that as praisable.. But..
Katakuri alone fought for over 50 episodes, the same as other main villains.. I am of the opinion that, inserting Katakuri by himself is a plus...

Also I think Kaido is a bit too big.. You can't put anyone behind him and make it look cool..

Also I feel like Law needs a revamp..
(Add Post-timeskip Law.)... (And Kid while you're at it.. When he releases enough New Attacks..)... (And while you're at it, the whole Supernovas.. Cheers..)


New event idea called BP wars! I (server locked version) Get a max BP limit and a plethora of characters and items, after preparing everyone characters with their give items, do it like a tournament style, winner takes 1st place, consecutively..
                                               (Worldwide version) Do as special events at a certain special day, at a certain un-used hour, (because it would take 2 to 3 hours..).
                                       ((Frame of reference) - Super Smash, but you have to build your characters from ground up, and Pirates battle, but its Single Player).
                                                                        (meta values - 10-15 mins preparation..)

Just have a Free Fight mode, where players can fight with whatever players they want, without absolutely any reward.

These are all some ideas I had, hope you enjoyed them!!! :lol

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