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  • Respect each other at all times and refrain from flaming.
  • Do not post entire sentences with UPPERCASE or large fonts. You may
    think it will help you get your point across, but most of the time you
    will be ignored instead.
  • Do not create posts that are virtually empty - just smilies, emotes or similar.
  • Try to stay on topic. If you wish to talk about something different, make a new thread about it.
  • Do not post two or more times in a row. If you have something to add
    to your last post, simply use the Edit button. This may be waived if
    the contents of your post are too much to be allowed in a single post.
  • Do not recreate the same thread, once is enough. It does happen in lag at times, if so use the Report Post button.
  • Do not spam in any forum except where permitted or allowed.
  • Do not use vulgar words, foul language or obscene, disturbing,
    nude-adult-content materials, images, videos of any kind in your post,
    title, signature or avatar.
  • Do not use [ADMIN], [GM], [Mod] or similar tags. These are reserved for Network Staffs only in general.
  • Advertising outside sources and other game servers similar to what we host, in any way or form is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not ask questions which are already answered in other threads. Use the search function as much as possible.
  • This forum is English - you must either post in English or create an
    accurate translation. If a staff member suspects the translation is
    inaccurate your entire post may be deleted.
  • Do not post hack/scam sites, links, programs or materials that give unfair advantages over the game.
  • Do not make personal attacks against staff members, they are here to help.
  • Most importantly, use common sense! If you think something may not
    be allowed, it probably is not. As such you may be punished for
    something that is not specifically mentioned in these rules.

If you do not agree with any of these rules, feel free to leave.

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Very good.
The reason for the present is to make known the problems that we have many non-VIP players, we would like to like the VIPs think of us since without us the servers are left alone that more advantage to give a VIP that is not a BP above 1.5m so I present this formal complaint so that we are treated as a fundamental part so that the servers are still standing and not like other servers that only 5 to 10 people are on.
The best way for many non-VIP players to remain a fundamental part of the servers and that VIPs do not go with their credit cards is that there are always more people and therefore the best solution is to also give advantage to these non-VIP players as with Events of double reward, events like VIP vrs VIP and non VIP vrs non VIP, those events would cause more VIP to raise their level and those who are not VIP would not leave the servers.
I know that everything is difficult but the truth if they want with the server us to last much longer is my sincere recommendation since these servers are the ones that are abandoned, the servers have many VIPs and that is why they are very well but the us not and The merges the truth does not help what they do is that more people leave the servers.
Buy as opportunities in Treasure hunter, buy opportunities in pirate trial in impel down to buy them with coupons that would help. In fact this game is unfair to all.
Thank you very much for reading it I would like the opinion of many fellow players and how to improve before the servers us go bankrupt by a few players thanks.

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papajeron invites you to visit JoyGames Forum

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