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Megalodon Doctor Guide   [Copy URL]

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Hello i'm a Doctor i'm old. i try to be the best doc, i'm Jade.
And ive managed to lvl up a lvl 1 Doc to a lvl 160 Monster Doc. But theres a problem in OP2 Online and that the % of a buff that is the same % buff from another do not stack,
the game thinks its the same % bonus so it cancels this out. Here is a guide on the % values -
Lets Begin Basic's-Skills and Descriptions Understatments
N=Normal Strike, O=Ogi Super Skill, P=Passive, U=Ultra Passive
Dmg=DamageAoE =Area of Effect=5, 10, 15 characters
R=Round CD=Cool Down time, so if it says Cd time none=Round 1
Deal Normal Atk=Attackpower Dmg Only
Deal Normal Sp=Skillpower Dmg Only
Deal Atk and Sp=Hybrid Dmg Only
Equal Def=Half Def , Half Def=Quarter Def
Atk vs Def=The Lifeline to Counter
Sp vs Res=Is the Counter
Hp,Def,Res vs Atk,Sp,CritDmg=the fight of the game.
Red Bar is Hp, White Bar is Shield, Yellow Bar is Fury.
Extra Dmg at Full Hp=Only at full hp will be lost when low hp but can be regained effect when full hp again

These Details can be found on the Crew-Details Page and thats where all the stats are If you have trouble at understanding these pore descriptions in game try hover over the stat it will bring an information box.
For example a N-can be just Atk or Just sp, But there are characters with both-And same goes with the Ogi too
Think of this game a Chess game you have your team and you have SEQ No. to select who strikes first, the game plays like this Seq1v1 Seq2v2 Seq3v3 Seq4v4 Seq5v5 and the onto the next round and repeats, if you want to strick first upgrade Agi this can be formed in equipment imprint

At the Beginning of the Launch server its a race for max xp to lvl 65 thats where you get all of the Agi and the road will be ruff but stick with it. Or you could change class back at lvl110 when i started there was no such thing. Recommend to get vip4 for reset bounty task since this is gonna be your wall for xp for vip0 its very hard.
For daylie 20 story, you want to max the amount of xp by spending Coupons keep doing this till you are at lvl 65.
You also may want to think about making an Alt account to help you through Ladder and Team Battle for them max gains.
Look at your Character its a Support Healing Class but the stats in OP2 Online has changed healing for no healing it to be a Dmg, Healing Support class.
This means your healing skill has been reduced to be converted into dmg instead so find yourself a different healer.
Focusing on~Dmg will be SP and Atk. But you also want to focus on HP since that stat is the highest given.
But the first and only AoE Crit Ogi you get is at lvl 40 and is SP Locked this Means you shoudnt put your upgrade mats into Atk but focus on Ring and Belt.
SAVE! Polish Imprint Events i see 1k of the iteam for 1 gear + blessings you can cut this cost to about 900or800

Next you want to experement with crews that you get randomly and decide if it amplifies you! Use only 1 ARP=Advanced Recruit Proof a day! SAVE for 1k Tavern Rebate Event in Splended Event once a Month
survive R1 because your Ogi's are R2 so you also need to focus into Hp,Def,Res or Hp,Res,Def depending on your timeline server on against alot of snipers, sailors, darkmage
Try everything see what you like
But Which one do you focus on the most i would say what works for you i prefer Hp since the Hp Base Stat is the Highest stat in the game.
What to do when getting higher lvls that Dmg reduction is a very big part on surviveing R1

These team will take you places in pvp and pve - but to find your crew find crewmembers that amplify your main. Best Seq 1,2,3,4,5
vip0 Docs PvP Kuma,Jinbie,Shira,Perona
vip+ Doc PvP Whitebeard,Awkiji,Luffy4,Shira or Akaniu,Luffy4,Sengoku,Awkiji
vip0 Docs pve Mihawk,Gekko,Robin,Caribu
Vip+ Docs PvE Sengoku,Garp,Shanks,Shiki
But there are plenty off pve formations and the first thing you want to know is to be no.1 Seq is because you steal Fury from your enime making your fury pool higher at the start of the match.
Use what you want have fun

Polish and Imprint? You want to focus on maxing hp on all crew since thats your survival, then def for maxed shields to tank more, you then want to get max res cuz Darkmage class can also eat your hp.
You want to be very fast so your ogi doesnt get intercepted.
So with imprint you want to focus on your hp,sp,crit dmg this will amplifie your dmg.
Ancient Coins are used to buy polish mats
Fame and Medal coins are used to buy imprint mats
Fairtrade in wharf is the best place to get alot of mats
Gems and Gear? Right for startes Gems Do not buy them its a waste of coupons you want to play Smart so save every drop of coupons you can possible make you need 7,500C to Buy a full inferno gear set and its 37,500C to Buy 5 Sets of inferno sets.
Would recomend to save and craft the full set of inferno set for each character at 1 at a time this will make you very powerful and understanding what the game is. With Gems you want to max the amount on your main try making all slots lvl 5 gems to be at a good Balance, then work on someone else and repeat the circle. DONOT BUY5 SETS Sea Soul Gear its a Waste of time and Coupons. only 1 Sea soul set is enough for you to have the base plan of upgrading fast, making 5 sets cuts your progress time.

Dials You want to look closely to each character and try max the character to be at there fullest potentail.
comon knowledge if an intercepter doesnt have a agi dial then whats the point?
see the difference of dmg dealers and supporters.
And do not waste time getting the Orange Agi dial at a 80k points you want to aim for the top right? so make your chioce and go for the Big Red Agi dial at 400k points by doing this you have skiped a stage of progression.
Dials Step is the same with Gems, meaning you want to max all red dials in this order 1 character all lvl 5 then move on after all characters at lvl 5 then move to lvl 10 then lvl 15 and just go up in 5's
Talents Skills-You want to improve every single stat by 1lvl at a time so you get the perfect balance in later lvls

Merry shields for low lvl
Kuja ship for pve
Lionship on Fury steal for starving the enime so they cant ogi.
Mobyship is reduce enemies atk,sp and remove 1 buff
Noahship for increase def res
Oro Jackson for decrease atk sp and grant shield

Ancient Weapon
Copy what the stats say = best stats for that weapon So
Pluto Atk,Sp,Hardening,Hp,Crit,Agility-only remold Attacking Ancient Weapon
Poseidon Def,Res,Agility,Hp,Accuracy,Block-only remold Defensive Ancient Weapon
Uranus Def,Res,Tenacity,Hp,Atkbounes,Spbounes-only remold Supporting Ancient Weapon
or do what you want

Vivre Cards You want to make every single link to HP, Hardening since thats the lifeline boost you will ever get.
i went to def res and hardening but i have relised to late that hp will probably be better since hp is the biggest stat.
Tokens - You need to get 5sets of Ace or 3Ace,1Boa,1Mr2
Only 1 team buff set can be on a team the % doesnt stack with the same set that leaves 4sets of improved dmg at full hp
Ultimate Challenge -Try Everything
Inferno Tower - Can be completed by pvp and pve forms
Pirate Trial - You want an R1 AoE Ogi hybrid type
Impel Down - You want a R1 AoE Ogi hybrid type

Have a Good Day

Save everything you get do not use anything once at base polish+4 imprint+4 dials+5 tokens +5, ect......
Saving all mats for a whole Month = the best time to upgrade when your ready. Keep an eye on splended events
Experement and see what you like to play with and mabie one day we shall meet at the top.
Skills, try everything and see whats works with your crew, through my time i found i liked furysteal, healing-shark-suplex, waterbubble, powerwater, fishmangift, battledoc
Ive been playing Doctor since Game cameout And i hope this guide helps you in pvp and pve
I wish you the best of luck Meg.Mavis EU S14
Has been reported for being strong - ... d&tid=16931lastpost
Fan Art by EU S14 Natsu - ... 5.1681934793&type=3

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Post time 2017-9-27 01:05:04 |Show all posts
hey , Awesome guide ^^would help alot doc's .

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Post time 2017-9-27 03:22:25 |Show all posts
Great Guide Mavi! =)

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Post time 2017-9-28 00:40:59 |Show all posts
hey sis, very nice that you do it. thx a lot

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Post time 2017-9-30 15:30:49 |Show all posts
haha now i can change to doc in lvl 140

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Post time 2017-9-30 16:57:10 |Show all posts
SIMO619 replied at 2017-9-30 15:30
haha now i can change to doc in lvl 140

LoL the ability too change class when ever you want

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Post time 2017-10-1 23:39:05 |Show all posts
Do u think jinbe, mermaid, main(doc), hancock, mihawk would be good for pvp? I also have ss robin if she is needed instead.

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Post time 2017-10-1 23:51:16 |Show all posts
Meditfett replied at 2017-10-1 23:39
Do u think jinbe, mermaid, main(doc), hancock, mihawk would be good for pvp? I also have ss robin if ...

too be onist i think you will be ok using that team personally ive never tried cuz i don't like using mihawk.
but i would thought extra dmg on Doc could complete the buff chain for that team.
Same with Robin.

I suggest you using Robin instead cuz of her being hybrid dmg dealer and her buff is much more diverse than boa.
hope this help

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Post time 2017-10-2 00:01:06 |Show all posts
I am using ss robin/hancock/ jinbe/ mermaid and main now. Thank you for the quick reply and I like mihawk.

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Post time 2017-10-2 00:02:19 |Show all posts
I can do that and thanks again

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