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yes but for what chalenge when the strongest that cant be killed to be just before your price for clearing it(never to be cleared)

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Post time 2017-11-13 16:15:35 |Show all posts
can u make the game like you can sometimes do a critical attact.
and can u make it were it comes just like in the show

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Post time 2017-11-13 16:51:54 |Show all posts
disislav replied at 2017-11-13 17:14
yes but for what chalenge when the strongest that cant be killed to be just before your price for cl ...

means you have to get stronger (i know, it's a delusion when you compete with those with money)

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Post time 2017-11-13 16:53:42 |Show all posts
imakiller replied at 2017-11-13 17:15
can u make the game like you can sometimes do a critical attact.
and can u make it were it come ...

that's something else entirely different
this is for OP2 suggestions. PM our Admin, Evolution94 about your New Game (that doesn't involve OP2) suggestions

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Post time 2017-11-13 17:50:31 |Show all posts
Edited by Bezzernator at 2017-11-13 18:25

1. Haki reset: this is essential as teams are ever changing with the release of new triple S characters and upgraded classics via the "Superpower" mechanic

2. X2 Battle speed in Pirate Battle as an option, it's painfully slow to sit through a 9v9 battle in X1 speed

3. A banking system: the ability to store away an unused currency (be it diamond, coupons or beri) and have it grow overtime

4. Re-written skill descriptions for each "Player" class (Example Sailors " Live by sword" skill states that the caster will create a shield EQUAL to self defense however in practice the skill only grant a shield equal to that of Half your defense)

5. Maps that are consistent with the activity: I'm sick of fighting in an above water village when challenging the Fishman island Team battle, it doesn't make any sense

6. Less super powers for "Useless" characters: Nami (C rank) is trash past lvl 60 and nobody in their right mind would use materials on her for "Superpower" upgrading when they could save for Mihawk or Doffy. no one using Nami c rank will have the mats to unlock this effect and those who have the mats clearly have no need for such a weak character in their crew. On the flipside of this Gekko Moriah (a Double s) has an awful superpower requiring him to be killed to provide what some (myself included) would describe as a mediocre at best effect

7.Coupons from single top up events: The french get this, why don't we? 'nuff said

8. Main characters need growth stats that support their roles (Sailor main Def and Res, Doctors Hp, Snipers attack and Dark mages sp) as it currently stands the doctor has an equal hp growth to all other classes but nothing else to help them in being a viable choice. There's only one Doctor in the top ladder rankings for a reason

9. More vivre cards and more Team battles: it's getting to the stage now where the highest team battle is 30 levels behind the current level cap and there is still plenty of arc's in the OP universe left untouched such as Punk Hazard, Zou, and Whole cake island that are perfect candidates to fill these three slots
10. A Dragon event from Punk Hazard that is the same like oars

11. A Tower of Justice event

P.S I'm already a VIP 10 player so please give my vip 4 card to another player as it is wasted on me

EU[S14]Mavis 140

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Post time 2017-11-13 19:52:29 |Show all posts
1. First of all maybe activating Main Story Quest again cuz once you're lvl 100, you don't have it anymore, still blocked on the way to Thriller Bark, it would be nice to be able to gain again some XP even double XP on monday and upgrade again
2. Maybe changing a way of getting opponents in Ladder Match cuz for lower levels always being opposed against lvl 140, is very hard for them to get higher ranks, otherwise at the end you'll lose a lot of players cuz its only the top up players, that gain all the rewards and Glory in this game
3. Something important for me as DM, maybe trying to find a way to make each class equal, cuz i have the impression that only Snipers are the best players, most of the servers if you look up the Top 10 even TOp 20 it's most of the time only made of Snipers, it's not really fair for other classes, especially when you have a certain level and you're beaten by lower levels with lower BP just because they're damn Snipers so...
4. Finding a way that lower levels with lower BP's that aren't able to beat you in one-to-one battle, aren't better ranked in events like OArs and Warfare doing a lot more damage than you just because they're Snipers cuz it's dissapointfull and demoralizing even discouraging to play those events anymore
5. Creating new events
6. More ways to get coupons, not easy for non vips to upgrade in the game otherwise
7. Add new Crew members that could already be in the game cuz of some events like "Emporio Ivankov" (Impel Down), Sabo (Dressrosa), Burgess (Dressrosa), Fujitora (Dressrosa), Blackbeard (Jaya). would give a chance with a lot of new characters coming in to get some SS crew members in tavern like they did with Shichibukai SS crew members a year ago.
8. I saw someone saying choosing a Pirate Logo for our guilds could be indeed a fun thing to do.
9. In Chat box, maybe add a Tab where we can leave an auto-message when we're afk or brb, etc..
10. Activating lvl 120; 130; 140 in Team Battles, they're enough OP Arcs to do so.
11. An easier way to get red dials, i use sometimes more than 50M in dial exploration without getting one red dials and you see other guys in the chat looting in not even 30 min almost 10 red dials, must  be a problem Even Agility Dials are way too expensive to get.
12. Some Events ideas :
-  A colloseum Arena Tournament like they had on Dressrosa, which instead of gaining a Devil Fruit or the Mera Mera No Mi lol as reward you could gain a certain amount depending on your ranking of Superpower Devil Fruit
- A Davy Back Fight Event, with the same rule as in the Manga but instead of stealing crew members of the losing team, you could choose crew fragments between your opponents crew team he choose to battle with, that are interesting for you, for example he had mihawk in his team, i just need frags of Miw, well i steal his miw and get 20 frags of Mihawk instead (the amount of frags is up to you how much).
- A foreshadowing Event to Whole Cake Island, Something like Impel down but with the Whole Cake Château instead, but maybe i'm a bit dreaming here cuz you'll have to introduce some characters as Big Mom and her all family in this game just for this event lol ^^
13. Maybe a special event for lower levels underneath lvl100 to gain Vip2 or Vip4 cards for a month, could be interesting for them to be more active in the game and play more.
14. A Thousand Sunny Icon where you'll be able to play little games against each Mugiwara Crew members in their specialty with rewards at the end such as :
- crew members fragments, normal or SS ones
- Luffy : Haki Material, Contributions
- Zoro : Gear material, Gears
- Nami : Coupons, Belis
- Usopp : Gems, Dials
- Sanji : Crew members Fragments, awakening or superpower material
- Chopper : XP potions, Vitality Potions
- Robin : Ancient Weapon material, XP books
- Franky : Ship material, wapometal
- Brook : Advanced recruit proofs, Token Chest
- Jimbe : Spirit points, Kairoseki material

That's it for me, hope it wasn't too long, enjoy the reading and thanks for giving us the opportunity to share Our Voice
And I don't need the Vip4, you may give it to someone who really need it ^^

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Post time 2017-11-13 20:28:54 |Show all posts
Edited by kumar189 at 2017-11-14 15:03

We need more shares in level investment. 200 shares for 100 levels would be better. then every one will topup more
and if devlopers add more investments it would be better coz atleast someone between vip 4-7 will get atleast 3 star sss one or two crew . i'm vip 6 i spent all my shares long time ago to get ss now they are nothing against sss.
and i'm willing to spend but no benifit for me coz i cant topup 15k diamonds in a week or twice its big problem for everyone as well that who are hanging to this game from ages. I can't resist myself to spend on this game. I love this game and to chat with everyone here. so please prolong my time with op2 by adding more shares in level investment

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Post time 2017-11-13 21:13:39 |Show all posts
Edited by zane0226 at 2017-11-13 22:27
Xaxa792 replied at 2017-11-13 20:52
1. First of all maybe activating Main Story Quest again cuz once you're lvl 100, you don't have it a ...

1) nice ideas but Dev are not going to add Story quest of Thriller Bark as our Mods has mentioned so many times for the past year and a half.

2) ladder is the ONLY CROSS-SERVER PvP EVENT and it's about the matter of strength. saying that it's unfair for low lvls(not talk about you, just
talking about everyone that has complained about it) to be matched up against high lvls and VIPs. if they can't compete, then don't do it or get stronger.

other than that, i like most of your ideas

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Post time 2017-11-13 21:18:26 |Show all posts
sometimes you get a character you just didn't want I think we should be able to trade with others or at least sell them for coupons or gold maybe D-B can be worth a certain amount of gold and then A-Class characters can be worth around 5 coupons S-class around 10 SS-Class around 25 and SSS-Class around 50

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Post time 2017-11-14 01:37:54 |Show all posts

Hi, I would suggest. edit visual effects of attack, well, for example, in Kuma or x drake.
I'd like to add more ways to get coupons, and I also want you to inject more SS characters into the recruit's tavern.
SSS Rank for 1000 advanced recruit proof

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