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Guide for the effects in the game play [Copy URL]

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Edited by daghanulgur at 2018-6-4 20:53

                    Names               Effects                 Exemples
poison reduce hp based on 15% sp) Apoo/Hyouzou/kreig/Magellan
burn/burning          reduce hp  based  on 15% sp)                         Apoo/Ace/robinS/Marco/Absalom/tashigi/shura
weakenreduce atk/sp by 15% and hit/accuarcy by 20%Ace/crocodile
Silence cannot cast ogi Pica/shanks/mihawk/trebol/enel/wb(4 or 5 stars)/machvice
Stuncannot do anything before the 1-st hit Daruma/UsoppSS/luffySS/NamiSS/frankySS
hypnotisecannot take actions just after receiving dmg brookSS
bleeding reduce hp based  on 20% sp) shanks( high stars)/luffy(g4TH)
shield absorption jozu/luffy(gear4th)/chopper/doctor main/shira superpower/sailor main/Aokiji superpower
Mark reduce def/res doffy/kizaru/sengoku/sanjiSS
tekkaidamage received reduce to 1 Rob lucci/blueno/inazma, moria and jozu after superpower/akaino(5stars)
freeze you cannot do anything Aokiji/Monet
petrify you cannot do anything boa
interrupt cancel ogi if its can be interrupted(law/edward and trepols ogi are immune to interrupt)sniper mage and sailor main /machvise/laog/inazuma/jinbe/moria
death blowhigh chance of dealing extra DMG ( for ogi) lao g/moria/vergo/mihawk/zoross( if enemies on low hp for mihawk zoro and  moria)
Slow down launch atk at the end of round kuma/foxy
burn 2 reduce % based on max hp and this skill ignore immunity Sabo and Akaino
blood cursereceive 30% of the damage dealt to enemy
thunder reduce hp based on 10% sp( thunder debuff has 50% chance to stun for 1 round) sengoku/enel
poseidon's mercy increase Atk,sp and crit by 15% shira
frost and bonus dmg from fury reduce agility , deal more dmg to target with low agility the first skill is aokiji's one and the second is for kizaru
Trap                                      crew cannot launch the first hit                              smoker/perona /nami/doctor                                                                                          
hello,here is a table to clarifie the effects in game play

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Edited by daghanulgur at 2018-6-2 23:31

Nice post helpfull for evreyone ty

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Edited by daghanulgur at 2018-6-2 19:33

you are welcome i appreciate your commantry

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nice post for community
thanks for ur works

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you are welcome

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