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Change Crocodile - Poll [Copy URL]

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Post time 2018-7-9 15:56:36 |Show all posts
Crocodile is a waste of time and a waste of space. I had the privilege of getting him vs. Moria in Binks Sake. Either way he's complete junk and he's an SS character that should be a lot better. Clearly he sucks, because he isn't in any main teams. What's your opinion?

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Sold my soul for magic

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Post time 2018-7-9 16:02:46 |Show all posts

Good luck with that.

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Post time 2018-7-9 16:19:56 |Show all posts
i think replacing him in binks sake with another crew would be nice

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Post time 2018-7-10 14:22:34 |Show all posts
I wasn 't going to say this but here I go... If he is SS and is shit and should be buffed, then Ace that is S should be nerfed

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Post time 2018-7-14 11:19:15 |Show all posts
Whether or not crocodile is crap depends on the team and formation he is place in.
That goes for all the characters beause i had the starter zoro in my team until level 72 and was beating guys who were level 80.
If you don't know how to use the guy then stop making a fuss and just don't use him.

Zoro : Class C

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Post time 2018-9-10 09:40:23 |Show all posts
Edited by at 2018-9-10 09:41

Yes, a change in this character. For example, as there is burn effect, he should make something like a "dry" effect because he can kill anyone without haki getting the water from his/her body. Besides that, he has a poisoned weapon(maybe a poison effect if his health is low; because he usually uses this poisoned weapon when other attacks don't work).
His ability can affect the ground and the weather.

And, the last one, he is a logia fruit devil user. Maybe, "logia" effect can be used in the game to enhance "logia users" against anybody without haki or fishmen's attacks. Or, a different path/way to upgrade a character(fruit devils or special skills).

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Post time 2018-9-11 04:55:12 |Show all posts
plenty of SS crews are underwhelming... most of them that see use are situational at best. even devil robin, who is one of the best, is displaced by shanks if you're p2w. really only mihawk and jinbe see significant use in lategame pvp/pve.

doesn't mean that he needs to be changed though. not every SS needs to be great.

as for the dry debuff, that's a lot of work for a single character -- especially since you can just give him an existing one (poison). besides, every character can get haki in this game. introducing an entirely different upgrade mechanic for logia characters would be a balance nightmare.

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