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Caribou's Buff Percentage [Copy URL]

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Edited by zane0226 at 2018-7-18 15:36

Hey all you awesome players! I'm here to day to give you all the percentage fo Caribou's fury buff to cease all the constant questioning and confusion.

I based the test on my dmg in the game with 2 different scenarios. Keep in mind that when i did the dmg, I had 18 fury(after 20 fury; having 38 fury when main attacked) The original is with my Main(full gear, dials, and tokens but no titles added. with no skill buffs ) and caribou(fully naked. no equipments whatsoever).
The second scenario is with my main solo(same skills).

To calculate the percentage increase:

First: work out the difference (increase) between the two numbers you are comparing.

Increase = New Number - Original Number
124,507  = 1,743,102 - 1,618,595

Then:  divide the increase by the original number and multiply the answer by 100.

% increase = Increase ÷ Original Number × 100.
124,507/1,618,595 = 0.076 = 0.08 * 100 = 8% for 18 fury

so we found the percentage buff for 18 fury but we still want to know how much buff we get per fury and max. So here is how we broke it down:

Next: convert the % increase back to decimal form and multiply it by the fury that is affected by Caribou's passive.
   8%/100 = 0.08 * 18 = 0.0044

afterwards: multiply the new % increase by 100 and times that by 80.
   0.0044 * 100 = 0.44% * 80 = 35.2% for max fury

I would like to thank Demonhunter990 and penders_5 for helping verify the math.

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Post time 2018-7-19 05:14:51 |Show all posts
Hey Wood, can you ask them to change the soul bar in the Tavern to the 3 * same?, i'm becky.

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Unfortunately, I don't really think they would change it.

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