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Doctor's Oars and GLW [Copy URL]

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Edited by zane0226 at 2018-7-31 12:26

Dmger: you want to get doffy/mihawk and Moria(oars only)since those are ur best choices for end game.
in the meanwhile you can use Lao or Law or Kaku or Urouge or Tashigi (female DMG boost) depending what you draw from tavern. I personally like Brook because of ogi spam and it does alot of damage in the early game.
*** For Brook, i meant the B rank crew and not the SS timeskip Brook ***

If you have super bad luck, just use Kuro. Kuro gives shields to Snipers and Doc.

1st buffer/ dmger: The standard crew for this spot is Lao G but the best choice right now is Garp.
*** Do the invitation of 20 friends and you will have enough for Lao G ***

2nd buffer: Urouge (for the crit buff) is your best bet here to start and then transition into carribou when he's about 4 stars and awaken +2 on the swamp-swamp fruit.
The best crew for this spot right now is Sengoku.
**Urouge can be obtained in Tavern and Elite Battle lvl 40 and 80**

3rd buffer: For this spot, Robin is the unanimous choice from start to finish. However, the best in spot is "Devil" Robin unless you get Shanks.

The best would be Mihawk+ Garp if you have enough crit.

** the best combo in all those choices in the above would be Doffy/Mihawk +Lao/Garp +Robin/Shanks **



This is the Most efficient formation to get max fury when it reach ur sniper or Doffy.

This formation is best suited if you do not use carribou or sengoku.

Now with the release of Red hair Shanks, The landscape of PvE has now changed.
Now the new meta for PvE is having 1x Main dps as main + 3x dps/Buffer + 1x buffer

The new line up looks like this:

Main + Doffy or Mihawk(Mihawk being the better choice with 3rd passive unlocking) + Shanks + Garp + Sengoku

Main Dps: Sniper Main

3x Dps/Buffers: Mihawk + Shank + Garp

Buffer: Sengoku

Shanks should tank for the formation since his new job description became the same as our previous Devil Robin. Shanks' skill allows him to gain Furor when hit Thus, increasing his DMG.

The Formation should look the same as before, the same shape as the Fury dependant formation in the upper section of the guide or reversed.

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