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Rework for DM(Sabo, Ace) and Doctors [Copy URL]

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Post time 2018-11-12 13:07:32 |Show all posts
Dark Mage have too strong skills:
1-st skill in the 1-st round which can be cast instantly with stun + dispel of shields and buffs for 0(!) fury lol, its one of the best stuns in game with huge damage
well, its real to live with this stun but his revive...
Revive in the 1-st round which can be cast instantly(!) and will revive all crews in your team, but mage will die (its even not important since if he revived Ace or Sabo or both its "an acceptable sacrifice") and this skill for only 40(!) fury, so need to have g4 5 stars + akainu to just dont give him use this revive lol. Or if they wont change this revive, they should change Ace and Sabo bombs, so they will use only 1 bomb and after revive they will not use it again (i think almost all will be agree with it).
About Doctor... Mavis hi
This class is shit, we have 1 strong doc in game lol, and this doc so strong not bc doctor so strong, just bc he have good SSS team with good defs and hp lol
All his skills in 2nd round lol, it can be okay if they will be strong, but...
His revive is shit, non-instantly (while dark mage have instantly!), can revive 1 crew and only in 2nd round, heal in 2nd round its lol too, his ogi with shark and crit, well, not bad skill, almost like Garp's, but Garp is SSS and have much more stats lol.
Doc havent good buffs for team, only for doctors, but we havent even SSS doctor, which will need it lol

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Post time 2018-11-12 13:59:43 |Show all posts
DM is the only class that gives f2p users the ability to match up to p2w - so it’s not rly a good idea to nerf the class. Not unless you want to screw over a large portion of players. Plus, before ace’s superpower a dm was considered by most to be a shit class.

And if we go nerfing classes we’d need to nerf sailor for his fury gain ability/shields, doctor for their fury stealing, and sniper for their dmg in glw. Each character has something they’re good at - that’s how they were designed lol.

I personally like that dm allows players who don’t have hundreds/thousands of dollars to match up to people who can spend - makes the game more fair and fun.

We do need a SSS doctor class tho

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Post time 2018-11-12 16:12:02 |Show all posts
clampified replied at 2018-11-12 23:59
DM is the only class that gives f2p users the ability to match up to p2w - so it’s not rly a good i ...

You cant steal fury as doc if you cant even alive against enemy ogi, his skills and passives will not help you alive in the 1-st round, so you need or have huge defs like Mavis or just die like others docs, thats why i think docs should get smth like Shira's passive with DMG reduction or def/res bonus for your team and immune from debuffs or at least they should get better revive/mass heal in ogi, for example heal in 1-st round and revive instant and not 1 crew and ofc SSS doc
About DM, i said in () that may be need fix Sabo and Ace, DM was balanced before this bombs, but now you no need to have big brain, just buy Kizaru for transform, buy Moria superpower which still bugged as i know and buy Sabo 5 stars with Ace superpower, do them 180k SP and you can kill player with 600k HP on one crew tnx to revive LOL, its ok when you can kill enemy which much stronger than you with 2 bombs, but 4 bombs its lol, or if they want even this, they should remove possiblity to use Sabo and Ace in one team since they have 1 devil fruit and its unreal like have 2 Robin in team or 2 Luffy

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Post time 2018-11-12 22:22:02 |Show all posts
KiraBogNewMira replied at 2018-11-12 16:12
You cant steal fury as doc if you cant even alive against enemy ogi, his skills and passives will  ...

Easy fix - get high def like mavis

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