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Author: abdo120

What's your opinion in this game? Give me your opinion :D [Copy URL]

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Post time 2015-3-27 12:23:41 |Show all posts
morinu replied at 2015-3-27 10:38
exactly, we don't need any new gets-removed-after-1-week-mostlikelytoptup-event.

We need an event ...

That's Right we need events stays forever

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Post time 2015-3-27 14:54:35 |Show all posts
FlawlessBg replied at 2015-3-28 00:33
For me, it started out strong, even tho it's p2w. But now, 2 months into the game, I don't feel like ...

same here,
other than what you already said, i'm still playing just to get crew that i want to use.
altho luck still not on my side

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Post time 2015-3-27 14:56:51 |Show all posts
It's pretty fun to start, but as progress slows down it gets rather boring, perhaps more so than other games of this type. The current "daily" events are all "click" type stuff, there isn't a single one that is a mini game. So you aren't going to get excited about new day bringing 10 tries of "salvage at sea" etc. The events that are there (like the world's richest one that just happened) are "click" type events too. So, while the prizes are nice, it's not going to get you too excited beyond that. Top up events seem pretty blah - there really isn't anything to get excited about (I dunno, other games manage to make their pay2win events exciting, giving you awesome prizes for paying etc. not so much in this game, from what I've seen)
The 3 "active" events, peak rivalry, shadow attacks and sea battle can all be done while off line (which is nice, but it does make it a bit less exciting, although I love that I don't need to be in front of computer at a certain time. So, a bonus for some, a negative for others)
Most annoying thing about the game is the bounty tasks, and trying to get 50, 75 or 100 stars. Though it's tolerable, as long as you don't try to go for stars that would need an average bounty to be over 4 stars.

If you want a game where you can see your characters/power get stronger and stronger, but don't want to spend too much time, or be tied to a computer at certain times of the day to take part in "events" then this game is pretty good (actually, really good) if you want a game where you can "actively" play, then not so much.

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Post time 2015-3-27 15:10:17 |Show all posts
TehAis replied at 2015-3-27 21:54
same here,
other than what you already said, i'm still playing just to get crew that i want to use ...

i was playing a lot of hours everyday, i will say like 15-16h, doing bounty task, speaking on world chat, team chat, but started to be boring, my server was fun to play, we was like 6-7 people on almost same bounty ( 40-45k )

Then the top donator donated more and more ( when he was wining already to everyone ) and he just rekt us all, maybe like 5k dolars or something like that.

Still cant believe i can win him when i spend only 350 usd.

I still play, 20min daily to do wipeouts, JT, roll dices on BM, take beli from alch and put gym partners, then im offline, and sometimes i check cause im bored. But not worth spending 15h anymore
Awakening just another really overpower option, a guy with 42k bounty can with me when i have almost 54k, cause he have 3 partners with dodge. No wayerino. No fun

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Post time 2015-3-27 21:31:30 |Show all posts
Edited by akimoto20 at 2015-3-27 22:35

hmm.. fokylol I believe you are ForkElizabeth from server 17 as stated in your profile..

I also play in server 17.. but saying things about others isn't a gentlemen thing to do..

From what you said, u enjoyed playing when 6-7 is around the same bounty.. and then the top donator just donated more and more...

according to the ranking which I took today.. please see pic below

he is like 4k bounty away from you and you are also like 4k bounty away from the third highest bounty person..
he isn't very far from you and there is only 3 person in our server that hit 50k. So are you claiming that the rest of the people in server 17 aren't having fun?

2ndly, how you know that he has spend 5k dollars?
or rather if he has really spend 5k.. what about u? 350usd and 2nd in the server with just 4k bounty below him?
That's sounds really absurd.

3rdly.. Since if you aren't having fun anymore.. just quit..
Don't waste your time here anymore and complain here and in game as well.

btw.. I am just a low bounty free player in the server and I am having fun in my own ways
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Post time 2015-3-28 00:49:03 |Show all posts
i cant fortify my partners... the're almost no help at all...

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Post time 2015-3-28 02:13:56 |Show all posts
Edited by fokylol at 2015-3-28 09:16
akimoto20 replied at 2015-3-28 04:31
hmm.. fokylol I believe you are ForkElizabeth from server 17 as stated in your profile..

I also pl ...

First requi can only win me cause he have 3 awakening partners, so yes im 2nd on ranking.
And ofc i know he spend like 4-5k usd cause he's vip11-12 so go look how many gold u need to bou to get to vip 11 or 12 so good game bro.

Also as i said i didnt quit at all cause i spend 350-400 usd and i dont want to waste it at all, but you just have to check your top-1 member, hes only 1 lvl above me, and he have partners lvl 85-82 red, when i never missed any wipeout and my highest partner is lvl 78, also he bought awakening card, all mpunt cubes from discount, also he bought food tp feed exp on his partners to make them awakening, so man, come on, he also have a lot of materials for get partners so dude, really think about it, im 54k and as i say, he's not higher bounty cause he bought trash items on shop and wasted his gold that why he's only 58k
pd: also dont forget to check how many stars he have on each partner, cause he bought em all on shop also, words by him, we was on same team till i trashtalk him and he leave ^^

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Post time 2015-3-28 02:51:40 |Show all posts
Edited by odysseus at 2015-3-28 04:11

Haha didnt know that how i spend my gold will in turn make people feel bored of the game.

But pls dont mislead others in thinking that I have spend 5k USD. The fact is I am not but I do admit I spend more than you.

In fact your highest level partner is level 87 boa. Highest level of partner in the server with the rest at level 77 and 78 but you didnt mention.
I do admit that my squad has 1 level 80 red, 1 level 82 red and 1 level 85 red but I do have 2 that are just level 70 which you didn't mention.

You mention that you never missed a single wipeout.. I believe i also didnt missed any and I believe I am much more further in the storyline than you, which explains the difference in partner leveling.
I believe I am not that stupid to buy food to feed my partners for leveling.

Now to the next point, you mention that I have many materials for my partners? I believe I only have 1 more red partner than you, and the reason you are still using boa is because you wanted a AOE devil fruit partner. Did you mention that?
Lastly, you mention I have many stars on my partner. Oh pls. 5 stars for all partners consider alot? And you have 4 stars on all partners and 6 stars on boa

And kindly pls check.. In order to be VIP 12 you need to spend like 2000 USD. I am still at VIP 11. Kindly check below.
Please do your homework before you start ranting and whining.

1 last thing,  why are you bothering about how I use my gold or how much I have spent? Jealous? Angry?
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Post time 2015-3-28 14:04:59 |Show all posts
fokylol replied at 2015-3-28 03:13
First requi can only win me cause he have 3 awakening partners, so yes im 2nd on ranking.
And ofc i ...

I have spent 125$ and have 5 red partners lvl 84+, so lvls just depends on how you spend your vitality and how many days you have missed. Also you complained about someone spending more money and pulling ahead in bounty, and how you wish there were more people competing for top spot in arena, but when a new mechanic (awakening/dodge) is introduced that makes it more competitive for people below you complain about that too. You can't ask for more competition then complain about people that are stronger just because you can't/haven't used the new awakening yet. It's just being hypocritical about you wanting to be stronger, but when other people are stronger, it's a bad thing.

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Post time 2015-3-30 04:14:29 |Show all posts
There are still lot of thing should be added game has no trading system or market system and in addition there should add more activity so wont get stock doing wipe-out just to level

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