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New Superpower for Main CharacterH [Copy URL]

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Hey I just wanted to know your opinions to the new Superpowers for each main character. Which one is the best and why?

For sniper i think Advanced technology is best for PVE 10 crit hit and 20% crit dmg is a pretty good buff
Continuity shooting seems also pretty intresting 8% atk/sp buff each action but lasts only for 1 round

For sailor towering rage looks really nice 0.6% (1.2% when 40+ fury) for each fury dmg buff. (not sure tho if this is a buff for whole team or only main, but i think its only for main)
Sharpening blade increase swordsman dmg for 30%.
Last chance increases 30% damage to all allies for 30% after ogi. (Im wondering is it stackable? So first time ogi 30% + if you use ogi again +30%?)
And for PvE Sailor intuition increases crit hit, fortitude and crit dmg.

For dark mage Dark curse is probably the best decreasing 15% atk, sp, resis, def of the enemy team.

For doc Fishmen gift 15% atk/sp and df user 30 dmg buff

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Continuity Shooting is 1 round after each action I assume if you pair it with triple shot and analysis it can be possibly the best sniper superpower.

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Edited by clampified at 2018-12-21 03:49

I don't think there is a "best" new superpower - I think we'll have to switch between them for different functions like pvp, glw, pt, ct, etc.

For Sniper
emergency evacuation - seems great for pvp, especially if you're like me and you don't use him for anything but a buffer in pvp.
advanced technology / continuity shooting - they both seem great for pvp and glw/oars, but you'd have to test them to see which one gives you more dmg. You can get an extra 20% crit dmg opposed to 8% atk per action. so we have to remember if it works as they state the sniper main does 1-2 actions each round - ogi and then normal attack. I've obviously not tested it yet, but 16% atk buff would be rly nice. If it stacks.
Mess cleaning - seems ok for pvp I guess if you were to combine it with assassination.

For Sailor it'll depend on your partners. and agi.
Sharpening Blade - seems great for pvp and pve if you have mostly/all swordsmen.
Towering Rage - seems like it will only buff main's dmg, but we'll have to test it when it's released.
Sailor's intuition - seems OP for everything honestly except glw/oars. Unless the crit dmg is amazing.
Last chance - seems like the best for glw/oars, but it lasts for 2 rounds, so I don't think it'll stack. If your agi is high enough it'd be good for pvp, but if you need to ogi with him first and you have say wb with more agi - then you probably won't want to wait with your wb ogi just to gain the buff.

For DM
Dark Curse - seems OP for everything but glw/oars especially before you get to lv 110
Shadow Draw - would be great after you reach to lv 110 due to the revive skill. So it'll buff your ace's superpower.
Flame Affinity - would be great would be great to use with sabo since he deals more dmg when the enemy is already burned. But seems like the trickiest to use out of the bunch.
Chaos Armor - seems like the best to me for pvp though since your dm needs to survive long enough to activate her lv 110 revive ogi. So this will help her survive long enough. This + enel's superpower will be a deadly combo in my opinion.

For Doctor
Poison Research - seems great for everything but glw/oars especially Ivankov
Battlefield doctor - seems like the best for everything but glw/oars if you have a tanky formation and your battles last long.
Fishman Gift - seems like the best for glw/oars and pvp if you don't want to hedge your bets on poison and you don't run a tanky enough formation.
Dope - apparently berserker gives - increase Crit by 30% and Crit DMG by 50%. So that's op as hell, so long as you have a good well rounded formation.

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