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Ladder Changes [Copy URL]

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Hey Guys, so I already posted this in the official discord -

But I thought I'd post it here as well in case some of you don't frequent the discord/don't like discord.

This involves the recent ladder changes - Please read fully and provide your opinion/feedback

So as many of you know our ladder was recently changed to remove FR/DE/ES from our ladder because they are technically in a different region region. The french admin Nel has demanded that we merge back with FR/DE/ES - SO if you disagree with this change now is the time to speak up. If you agree with the change you are more than welcome to post reasons for agreeing.

and if you haven’t paid attention - the reason our ladder was separated from FR in the first place was because French servers have had better forum rewards than US/EU for well over a year. Our current admin Lemon who around July of last year was the first admin to give us equal rewards, but that means for over a year French users got more diamonds/sss frags/and various other material by topping up. They also get discord events, and special forum games that provide free items without any top-up. These rewards have allowed french users to grow stronger - now obviously the people who spend obscene amounts of money to be strong deserve the top slots in ladder. But we’re currently playing the same game, but receiving different rewards when we spend the same amount of money. Also we still don't have the forum events or discord events like FR servers.

and before anyone says that I or anyone who agrees with this argument just want kings rank easily…kings rank gives very little in rewards. It’s not worth the coupons it takes to get and keep kings rank - so…anyone who states we’re greedy for this viewpoint needs to stop.

also on a personal note - ever since we removed FR from our ladder I’ve noticed more people joining. I don’t even need to use alts anymore to find 10 people to fight.

Please keep all discussion cordial - no name calling or hate.

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Post time 2019-1-11 03:28:22 |Show all posts
keep the FR servers out please

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Post time 2019-1-11 03:29:34 |Show all posts
Edited by walletmoro at 2019-1-11 04:47

I disagree that french are joining back to us because its been only a few days since ladder has no FR,DE,ES  and drastic changes has been shown in the EU/US ladder. people are being more active in ladder and it is also more fair because US/EU didnt get events as good as french servers did.

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Post time 2019-1-11 03:33:36 |Show all posts
Edited by Kanark at 2019-1-11 03:36

Dis a gree

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Post time 2019-1-11 03:39:16 |Show all posts
Dear Clamp,

Thank you for your notification.  For all FR players, other servers' players are just their feed only on Ladder Tournament.  Since EU/EN & FR/DE/ES were separated from there, most EU/EN players have more participate in Ladder actively, now the feeling of ladder is much better than before, I can't understand why JoyGames have to repeat the mistakes of the past.

I heard that a FR players who can got more rewards than EU/EN players at the same top-up amounts for more than 2 years ago, until now the different gap between the two is gradually shortening, but it's not mean that the gap between en/eu & fr have shortening.

If JoyGames really want a competition, just don't do the different rewards from day one on, during this fault,Ttsou lee, Pirate kings, and more good players had gone.

Anyway, it'll make a lot of en/eu players feel dissatisfied.

Finally, to the game dev & admin, please consider carefully and recall the EU/EN/FR/DE/ES servers merge proposal, it will only promote the bad environment to all players.

Best Regards,
Chris Choi

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Post time 2019-1-11 03:39:28 |Show all posts
+ and - if we will not be merged again
1. A lot new players of low and mid lvls can do platinum or gem, for their lvls its coll boost
2. Kings for our tops, its not big boost, but tittles are pretty good.
3. Our top-1 hatcha cant win 6 fr players, now he can be real top-1,i mean its stupid that top-1 of our side only top-7 on fr side.
4. Easier to do ladder, no need to spend hours waiting while diablo, blackout, etc will end. So need less time for game
5. We had much worse events/forum/discord rewards (i heard they even have bd rewards LOL), so now all balanced.
1. I cant farm some spenders which spend coupons for ladder but they are weak.
Thats all.
So better not unite us again.

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Post time 2019-1-11 03:45:19 |Show all posts
on DE Server Laader ist also better now

But first 6 are still Monster from FR Server

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Post time 2019-1-11 03:45:37 |Show all posts
Yes, the new ladder is better. The other servers getting more/better rewards is true. More players doing ladder since they aren't as likely to run into monsters is true. Everyone getting higher ranks and thus more daily/monthly rewards is true.

But that's not why this ladder system is better. Anyone willing to spend the time/effort to make gold, platinum, maybe even gem, can do it, whether we're merged or not. It is, as so many people say, just a matter of finding a time when the ladder is 'empty' (no player stronger than you is in it).

What separating the ladders does is make it easier to find these moments. Does it still take work? Yes. Dedication? Yes. Time? Yes. But it takes less of all of those things. And let's be honest, ladder isn't supposed to be a hassle. If you work a full-time job, you aren't supposed to have to set alarms in the middle of the night to see if nobody's on.

That is why you see more players in the ladder now, despite having less players allocated in it. Because most players just gave up when it took unreasonable amounts of time to progress your ladder rank. Now that it's more reasonable, more people are playing in it.

And isn't that the entire point of having the ladder? Whales are gonna whale. Monsters are gonna crush. Noobs are gonna lose. But the 90% of players (on every region's servers) who are in between those categories actually have a reason to play the ladder now.

Why would you want to take that away from them?

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Post time 2019-1-11 04:25:54 |Show all posts
Edited by Bezzernator at 2019-1-11 04:55

if you want my answer for 4 years playing the difference has never changed from any other server but is unfair to not get equal rewards. i would prefer if they decide too keep ladder the way it is now, give it time and add a completely new ladder with every region to open the door for better rewards. in this game currently i have suggested new story for many years and they say they not adding cuz its not benefiting them, why no story new armor give use a reason too keep following the story line you have the map now plz open it. but i am grateful that they taken on board with suggestions. i believe adding a new separate part of the game called the Colosseum instead of called ladder. So ladder stay and new mode for all regions.

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Post time 2019-1-11 04:25:59 |Show all posts
actually ist better now! many new Players can get better ladder ranks. ill reached in not even the half time platinum Tier then before.

the Bonus from that they gained is a Little bit unfait, but thats a part of the game with topping up.

ill would say let it splitted.

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