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Click this button in main interface  or this button in set sail system  to enter Tavern.

You can search partners of differentquality from three kinds of Bounty search.

Every day you have 5 free 1 Million Bountychances, 1 free 10 Million Bounty chance and 1 free 100 Million Bounty chanceevery three days.

Apart from the free chances, you can also spendVivre Cards to search partners you like to recruit.

You will obtain Charisma every time yousearch for partners, the more Charisma you get, the better partners you canfind in Tavern.

You can recruit the partner if the threepictures are the same.

Or you will receive some Vivre Cards asrefund.

The partners you find will stay in Tavernfor 72 hours only.

Recruitment will consume some recruit items. Partners of different quality need different recruit items when you try to recruit them.

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Is there any reward for completing a page in the picture book?

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Yeah i would like to know that too if we get any sort of reward for filling that book?
And will there be an Inherit system for Charas in the Future? i mean Fortifying costs a lot of Beli so it would be nice if it were possible to inherit something like 60-70% of the Stats from one old Chara to the newer one.

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Thunder said that they took you (SchneeWhite) and my idea on my thread from yesterday and passed it along. There will be something with the picture book in the future. Clearly we both should be working on the game design here lol.

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yep I'm also interested if completing the book will give us some rewards

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Can somebody also put here the charisma we need for each type (blue, purple, red, gold) of partner? Thanks.

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humm i see how it work out

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What determines the amount of vivre cards we get in return once we roll and don't get a partner. Sometimes I get 1 back sometimes 5 and sometimes 10.

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Edited by MMOLIFE at 2015-2-4 11:37
Questy replied at 2015-2-4 11:22
What determines the amount of vivre cards we get in return once we roll and don't get a partner. Som ...

Alright, to answer your question these are different scenarios I am going to show you, which will determine what you get back for vivre cards.

To start it off, lets say I get 3 different kinda of characters.

LUFFY / LAW  / NAMI - 1 vivre card back (unsure why, but it just works this way).

Let's say I have 2 blues that are the same and a random one.

BLUE GIN  / BLUE GIN  / PURPLE ZORO - 2 vivre cards back. (I want to say because you had 2 of a kind, as a blue (which is the lowest).

Now in this picture, I get 2 Purple 4 stars.

4* PURPLE NAMI / 4* PURPLE NAMI  /5* PURPLE SMOKER - 5 or 10(can't remember) vivre cards come back.

So really the way to know what you are going to get back is based on rarity, stars, and if you get 2 or only 1 of that character. Since I haven't gotten anything higher than a 6* yet, I can't really speak for them quite yet. Hopefully this gives a better understanding.

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Once you hit 10,000 charisma you can get 8 star(red) partner, Once you hit 25,000(not there yet) I assume you get 9 star (red) because I can see them in the tavern.  Not sure if it goes to 10 star red or gold after that.  Probably going to need 50k Charisma!

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