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I. Entrance

Click on the small arrow next to your expertise within the Captain Info interface.

II.  Upgrading Expertise

When player’s Prestige reaches requirement,system will automatically upgrade.

III.  Expertise reward

1. Attribute Bonus: Main character passively increase attack, defense and HP’s attributes.

2. Increase in Max Fortify: Captain Interface– increase in Max Fortify chances for attack, defense and HP.

3. Player character name color: In accordance to the expertise ranking, player’s name will change color.

4. Daily Expertise Giftpack: After obtaining expertise, player can receive corresponding profession giftpackdaily (all giftpack are the same name).

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what are all the expertise levels and what's the color of each level ?

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Edited by Mikecs at 2015-6-8 18:21

0-149 -Your class- learner I - attack+5, max fortify +10
150-299 -Your class- learner II - attack+5, defense+3, max fortify +20
300-549 -Your class- learner III - attack+5, defense+3, HP+20, max fortify +30
550-949 -Your class- learner IV - attack+10, defense+3, HP+20, max fortify +40
950-1599 -Your class- learner V - attack+10, defense+6, HP+20, max fortify +50

1600-2699 Basic -Your class- user I- attack+10, defense+6, HP+40, max fortify +70
2700-4559 Basic -Your class- user II- attack+20, defense+6, HP+40, max fortify +90
4560-7549 Basic -Your class- user III- attack+20, defense+12, HP+40, max fortify +110
7500-12099 Basic -Your class- user IV- attack+20, defense+12, HP+80, max fortify +130
12100-18699 Basic -Your class- user V- attack+30, defense+12, HP+80, max fortify +150
18700-27739 Elite -Your class- user I attack+30, defense+18, HP+80, max fortify+170
27740-40339 Elite -Your class- user II attack+30, defense+18, HP+120, max fortify+190

40400-57139 Elite -Your class- user III attack+50, defense+18, HP+120, max fortify+220
57140-78809 Elite -Your class- user IV attack+50, defense+30, HP+120, max fortify+250
78810-105929 Elite -Your class- user V attack+50, defense+30, HP+200, max fortify+280
105930-139079 Bounty -Your class- user I attack+70, defense+30, HP+200, max fortify+310
139080-178839 Bounty -Your class- user II attack+70, defense+42, HP+200, max fortify+340        
178840-225789 Bounty-Your class- user III attack+70,defense+42,HP+280,max fortify+370


E Grade -Your class- user attack+100,defense+42,HP+280,max fortify+400


D  Grade -Your class- user attack+100, defense+60,  HP+280,max fortify+430


C Grade -Your class- userattack+100, defense+60, HP+400,max fortify+490
415580-B Grade-Your class- userattack+130, defense+60, HP+400,max fortify+490
A Grade -Your class- user

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Mikecs replied at 2015-2-18 16:59
0-149 -Your class- learner I - attack+5, max fortify +10
150-299 -Your class- learner II - att ...

Elite IV is to 78k, and Elite V is to 106k

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who is done at bounty class I?

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Post time 2015-2-23 18:16:51 |Show all posts replied at 2015-2-23 06:15
who is done at bounty class I?

Should get bounty class1 tonight

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Chief Petty Officer

PGM of Server 2

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bounty class II requires 139080

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i have question here...
when i win at hall of fame how many expertise i get?

when i vs at arena and i win i get 10 expertise and lose i get 5 expertise...
how about hall of fame?

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salt10 replied at 2015-2-23 20:47
bounty class II requires 139080

After you reach Elite V, u can have gold name?

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