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Beginners Tips For OP2   [Copy URL]

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Post time 2015-10-18 08:23:07 |Show all posts
Edited by Sakisaka at 2015-11-23 06:39

Hiya!This thread is aimed at beginners or anyone who still feels like they don't know the basics of the game.

Here's a list of things that i think are useful for beginners to know.

1. Don't waste vitality!
  • At some times it may be tempting just to fight a few monsters for an extra bit of experience to level up. I would really suggest not to do this and just wait until you have a quest to defeat monsters as this is very ineffecient use of vitality. You are only getting a small bit of gold and exp for your 5 vit.
2. Save your coupons!

  • One of the most important things in my book is to save your coupons. I often see people buying advance recruitment tickets straight away and using them. It is much better to save up 10 advanced recruitment tickets and click the "Draw 10 Times" button as you have an 100% chance of recieving a 3 star crew member!
3. Donating to your pirate crew

  • At level 20, you can join a pirate crew. A good way to increase your BP (Battle power) is to donate some money (either gold on diamonds) to your pirate crew. You then recieve points which you can spend on buffs in the "Pirate Flag" section. On that page you can buy buffs like HP, atk power and other bonuses that will increase your BP.
4. Keep your crew members in top shape!

  • I often see a lot of people who forget about their crew members other than their main one. You can become a lot stronger if you remember to give your crew members EXP books and keep them at the max level they can be.
  • Also remember to enhance/embed your gear! They can easily be forgotten about but can easily buff up your characters
5. Look at what stat your characters use

  • Something i didn't for a long time is that each character uses different stats for each move. Here's an example:
  • This character has a red symbol on each of his skills. This means that he uses ATK for each of his skills.
  • Make sure to give him ATK Gems in his gear, therefore his moves will be stronger. SP atk does not effect these skills
  • You can also have characters which use both ATK and SP atk, therefore you can give them both gems
6. Fish=$$$

  • Once you unlock the ship, you later unlock a feature for it called "Fish" here you can fish once every 30 minutes that gives you fish. These fish can sell for gold.
  • One you level up your fishing you can make losts of money from this. I suggest doing this ASAP to get as much gold as possiblle

7. Elite battles/Breakthrough
  • These are really good at getting the materials needed for breakthrough as well as peices for pirates. I would suggest looking at your breakthrough

8. Doing your dailies
This is what i consider to be one of the most important things to do on OP2 when you unlock them. They all unlock at varying levels so make sure to watch out for them when you get them.
The dalies include:
  • Daily task: This is 20 quests you recieve every day asking you to defeat 3 enemies. At the end you even recieve some coupons
  • Bounty task: This is 20 different taks you recieve each day, similar to the daily task but they are different missions. These give you exp and gold.
  • Impel down and Pirate Trial: These are fights which can give rewards such as ship parts and gems. Every day you are given the oppertunity to "reset" this and "wipe-out". I would reccomend doing this every day as you will get more rewards and exp from doing so.
  • Treasure hunter: This can give you lots of gold and breakthrough materials, i would also reccomend resetting and doing this every day to get as many rewards as possible.

  • Something i ALWAYS forget to do is sign in through the benefit all.
  • If you click "Sign in" every day in the benefit hall you recieve rewards. The more times you sign in every month the more rewards you get.
  • It's really easy to forget about this and miss out on rewards

Also make sure to look at the OP2 Wiki made by TheMoonBunny for other information that will help you would with the game


I'm going to leave this thread open so other people can post their tips for beginners so then i can add them to the thread. Hope this helps!
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Post time 2015-10-18 15:34:37 |Show all posts
For the #2, maybe save the Coupons until Rip-off Tavern. 50 not so far away.

Haha, I'm not alone I see...
Forgetting to sign in on benefit

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Post time 2015-10-18 19:58:00 |Show all posts
always do either rare or elite for max exp from bounty task.
always do 20daily task for exp

when you reach lv60, do join beast adventure for lots exp book.
do beli tree atleast twice a day

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Post time 2015-10-25 04:21:15 |Show all posts
save coupons for gems.
advance proof is not worth it imo.
in the end you get random crew

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Post time 2015-10-25 05:57:49 |Show all posts
Don`t dismiss the high level characters when you find someone better. You can use them in the Treasure Hunt.
If you have a low level blue item you are about to sell, enchant it a bit first to earn some extra gold from the quest ;)

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Post time 2015-11-17 02:37:08 |Show all posts
lol  It's good suggestion for beginners.

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Post time 2015-11-22 14:48:35 |Show all posts
Thanks alot i followed this thread and now i can play efficiently

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Post time 2015-11-23 07:04:17 |Show all posts
I never reply to any posts but this one helped me so much. Thus, I replied. Thank you very much sensei!!

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Post time 2015-11-25 04:28:19 |Show all posts
About the coupon saving.

Saving coupons is a good thing to do but spending them on Advanced Recruit Proofs for a 3-star is a waste of them. The best thing to do with Coupons is to buy gems from Shop. This not only boosts your Battle Power but will give you more of a edge over those who bought a 3-star. YOu can get plenty of Advance recruit proofs down the road through events such as Pirate Battles. In early game its better to build up your gems and get them leveled up through shop and Pirate Trials. The better your gems are the farther you will be able to go in Pirate Trials and Impel Down. Plus the more beli you will gain from events that give beli for the amount of damage you deal such as Oars. Which allows you to upgrade faster.

Another thing i would suggest is with Study Points. Dont start using these right away save them up until you know exactly what it is your aiming for or until you get a crew member you know your going to use for a long time to come. These Study points are limited in how much you can get. Grant it you can get more then 20k a week (if you can beat Treasure Hunter Each day) but knowing what to spend them on and who will be better in the long run.

One thing i have noticed alot of people over looking however is dials. Dials is a very important part of crew building as well as a good source of Battle Power. dials should be gotten early on try to get all purples across your characters this will help alot. After gaining all purples however you wont have to focus as much unless you want to level them up however leveling them up can be very expensive so i would suggest holding off until you have spare beli to use.

Thats about the only things i can think of to add off the top of my head

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Post time 2015-12-19 14:01:30 |Show all posts
Also don't buy 4 star gems early game with your coupons. Get as many level 2 gems as u can early game and only upgrade if u need the space. This gives makes your team better balanced overall than focusing on a few level four gems. On a second note, every upgrade in blacksmith you lose a gem.
Level four is more cost effective if vip < 3. For vip >= 3 the cost effectiveness is the same, vip >= 3 can buy 9x level 2 gems instead of 1x level 4 gem, 9 gems will boost your team more overall,  this is really nice (i think) in the early game when u got little gems.
for attack gems:
9x level 2 gems * 120 = 1080+ attack, vip < 3 can still buy 8x level 2 gems so 1080 - 120 = 960+ attack.
1x level 4 gem * 420 = 420+ attack

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